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We (about 60people) use TFS for everything. It would be very useful.1027-FEB-20
It is required at SQL Developer Data Modeler, too.1028-MAY-18
It's absolutely needed.1009-FEB-18
This would drastically simplify our DBA code protection.1006-NOV-17
It will simplify SDLC and be enabler to automation of Release process... 1018-MAY-17
Definitely of great use1018-MAY-17
This would make my ways of working so much better1018-MAY-17
This would be a great feature. Hopefully helping us with our release process1018-MAY-17
We need this feature1018-MAY-17
This will help SQL DEVELOPER to go to next level with all the clients that use TFS.1009-MAR-17
Literally the best idea imaginable for : Unit Testing, JUnit, Jenkins, "Continuous Integration" style progress of the tool. This and Jenkins integration are a must to take Unit Testing to the next level. 1003-JAN-17
Definitely would be convenient.823-SEP-16
Very important1016-AUG-16
Important for companies to use not so much different repositories1008-APR-16
If Oracle ever wants SQL Developer to be taken seriously as a replacement for tools like Toad, this is a must!1023-FEB-16
Oracle already has thrown it's support behind .NET, TFS is simply a logical addition to the formula. More and more shops are using TFS, and it's just going to continue to grow.1018-NOV-15
We have a mixed environment and use TFS for all of our .NET code. We currently use TOAD to integrate with TFS, but it would be nice to also be able to use SQL Developer.1019-OCT-15
this would be useful for ora ms mixed development technologies1012-JUL-15
Working in multiplatform environments sometimes we can't choose all the tools/servers methodologies.904-JUN-15
Yes please. We are now using TFS corporately.1011-MAY-15
We use TFS for all our sources so it would be a great help...1023-APR-15
Having to switch off between Eclipse with Plugin and SQLDEV. Would be great if you could use the Eclipse TFS plugin in SQLDEV.1018-JAN-15
TFS integration would be great! ability to use work items and tie it to code and checkins is really useful.1016-OCT-14
This is really essential. We would need it for Data Modeler too.1013-OCT-14
Our company is developing solutions on Microsoft (VS+TFS etc.) and only Oracle programmers can not properly use the Oracle products in a shared environment. Really need integration with TFS!1012-AUG-14
Every developer whose customers require Oracle AND a solution developed with Microsoft tools dreams of SQL Developer ability to connect TFS. 1031-MAY-14
Would be really helpful for teams that use TFS.925-APR-14
This will resolve many problems in our company. Resolve the problems about using Visual Studio to control database versioning and Minimizing Costs (we already bought some TOAD licenses because of this).909-JAN-14
This is huge! Will stop all those colleagues from saying we cannot, easily, store PL/SQL code in our version control system, TFS.1023-OCT-13
A must for our organization1030-AUG-13
We really need this in our projects...1009-AUG-13
Any idea when we might expect this feature? Would it be possible to retroactively add it as a Versioning extension?1019-JUL-13
A MUST, for our organization1020-FEB-13
Yep, must have feature for enterprise level development. PS: I just tried out the Oracle developer tools for Visual studio because they have TFS integration, but they are (feature wise) not comparable with SQL Developer...1013-AUG-12
This would be a grat feature for our company.1006-JUN-12
would be a real great advantage for developers1005-APR-12
Is needed in many companies!1014-FEB-12
Would be a great addition, we use TFS1027-JAN-12
we would need this feature in our enterprise 1006-JAN-12
Is needed in our Enterprise1016-NOV-11
This is critical to our team development too1019-OCT-11
Totally agree with all comments1003-OCT-11
We use TFS for the rest of our source control, so having it in SQL developer would be nice.1025-FEB-11
I agree. Thats a critical feature for us too.1015-FEB-11
This is a vital feature determining the adoption of SQL Developer within our organisation, either use of MSSCCI plugin or via some other method such as SVN Bridge http://svnbridge.codeplex.com/workitem/153161002-FEB-11
Really need this.1018-NOV-10
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