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My eyes are photo sensitive so a default of not black on white (outside of code editor which I appreciate is configurable) would be a boon to this great tool.1007-JUN-19
Would be a great additional feature to have1022-NOV-18
I like this.1020-NOV-18
would like this feature too.1026-JUN-18
Also in Real Time SQL monitor. In HD or 4k Monitor cant see anything making this add on unusable. 1020-DEC-17
Would be nice to be able to customize totally the color scheme (with all setting details)830-SEP-16
Configurability at this level would greatly assist with consistency in look & feel of, and therefore flow between, various tools.1029-JUN-16
This is really required. I use IntellJ IDEA in conjunction with SQLDeveloper. Intellij IDEA supports a dark background theme. This theme puts less pressure on my eyes. But, when I switch to SQLDeveloper bright background, I loose my eye sensitivity which I gained by looking into IDEA for a while.1019-FEB-16
Background color change being the most important1022-JAN-16
ItÅ› important for developers1007-JAN-16
Yes this is important1020-MAY-15
I like monospaced font in editor, but it looks ugly in grid1020-FEB-15
Please put this feature in!1007-NOV-14
Especially discriminate the font in Worksheet and Result set.919-SEP-14
Proper font size support would be great. Changes in conf file aren't carried over on version updates, and some dialog elements go offscreen when you increase the font size.1018-SEP-14
Smaller grid font is almost a must have in DW table browsing.922-APR-14
Allow customisation of fonts in the preferences pane. Updating config files is a very poor substitute and prone to errors.1004-APR-14
Nice to have feature207-MAR-14
Color/Font customization = very important!1006-FEB-14
Can't change the background color scheme of the development environment that I use about 8 hours a day makes me angry!!!1018-NOV-13
To beat MSSQL Server this MUST HAVE feature is NEEDED!!! Simply becouse we NEED to feel good while working everyday for the rest of our lifes...1005-NOV-13
this would be a great feature! 1026-OCT-13
Would love to have it1022-OCT-13
being able to change the background colour (to black) would make me less angry at the end of the day.1030-AUG-13
Not having the ability to modify the default background color of the SQL Worksheet makes it much harder to code for extended periods without eye strain.1022-AUG-13
Please add it1029-MAY-13
Would love to have this. Found out that it is possible to do via some (for me) obscure files in ide.<something> and did that once on one machine. Loved the result, but can't be bothered to find out how to do it on every machine I work on without a convenient way to change these features.917-MAY-13
I already lost my left eyesight, don't you think is about time to tackle this issue? please pretty pleaaaaaase? Thank you already from the bottom of my right eyesight.1001-MAR-13
Visuals are very import to be able to understand complex things.1002-NOV-12
Anti&nbsp;aliasing in the editor and query result grid = good. Monospaced font in the query result = not so good.830-SEP-11
Good to have multi language (font) support when viewing row content .Currently non&nbsp;english language is displayed as square boxes..919-SEP-11
It would be useful, especially the possibility to change the foreground and background colors in the Code Editor.915-SEP-11
User interface and usability very important, they can make the difference between adopting the tool or not.1026-MAY-11
Separate font will greatly improve the usability; for instance Fixed width font can be use in Editor (code writing) and non&nbsp;fixed width font for the data grid display (to show more data).1013-MAR-11
Definitely required931-DEC-10
It would be great to be able to configure all of the text options.1009-DEC-10
nice idea729-OCT-10
It would be a great benefit for my user community since this is the only tool we allow them to use for ad hoc queries.819-OCT-10
Definitely, please. At least the code window (I want fixed width there) and query result grid (I want variable width there) should have separate settings.1016-SEP-10
The provided font on the data view is a huge defect. On my system a capital O (Oh) looks exactly like a 0 (zero). A location code of '10000001' could have 64 different values and I have no idea what the data really is. Any data that looks like it contains a zero has this problem. This definitely needs to be fixed right away.1010-AUG-10
one of the basic feature that should be provided ....1028-JUL-10
It is a necessary to have resultset font with small and/or different fonts that of CodeEditor especially when working with tables with many columns. You can fit in more columns in a resultset overview and use less of mouse/keyword to scroll thru.1013-JUL-10
I would VERY much like to have this feature.1006-JUL-10
Really liked the different font in the result window in previous versions. Have stuck with old version as don't like this in 2.1.11006-JUL-10
This change is almost a show&nbsp;stopper for upgrading to 2.1.1. I already have enough trouble fitting enough columns into the query result tab without the font getting huge.917-MAY-10
The current implementation is a show stopper for me; the code editor should have a fixed width font, but the data view not. Please implement either separate font config options, or revert to the previous implementation.1014-APR-10
Really want the Query Result pane to be configurable separately from the Code Editor. We work with Thai data, and it is difficult to find a fixed width font for Thai. Sticking with with 2.1.0 for now...1031-MAR-10
In relation to the out&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;blue change that was introduced in 2.1.1, Sue's blg said "...This has been a much request feature on our Exchange, I hope the update helps those of you who have been looking for this support.". Have you noticed that the request to be able to reverse this feature has gained more support in a month than the unwanted original got in 3.5 years? I think this says "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well, now it's broken. FIX IT!1029-MAR-10
Configuring data grid font different from worksheet font is most important. The fixed font in data grid which came in 2.1.1 consumes too much space.817-MAR-10
It's nice to have fixed width font in editor but Arail Narrow font in results to pack as much in as poss917-MAR-10
Definitely would be good to have ability to set different font for different components &nbsp; one size doesn't fit all.710-MAR-10
How can I change the grid font to arial again like it was in 2.1, I hate this new font in 2.1.1910-MAR-10
would be really nice805-MAR-10
Yes, this is one of the basic things a tool should provide.1004-MAR-10
This would be valuable1003-MAR-10
Would be nice indeed603-MAR-10
Also need this useful feature for "View Value" window &nbsp; cause some characters appears wrong with default font when I'm browsing XMLType column contents.1003-MAR-10
Useful also for setting unicode fonts if needed.902-MAR-10
Preferences on custom fonts settings is likely a good thing to have.802-MAR-10
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