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This is one of the reasons SQL Developer is still not as usable as TOAD. Please add this feature.1007-MAY-20
Helpful for documentation but cooperation as well.1016-APR-20
Please add this function. It would be very very useful.1007-APR-20
It will be very useful, please you should consider it.1019-FEB-20
Yes please. This is a feature I have been missing again and again.1027-JAN-20
If older version have it and other SQL tools have it why SQL Developer cannot have it? Please add this feature. Thank you.1024-JAN-20
That's a must!1021-JAN-20
Yes, please.1014-JAN-20
This would be a real time saver for me.1014-JAN-20
much wanted features that saves alot of time an annoyances1007-DEC-19
A MUST have!.. 1027-NOV-19
is this feature still not avalible ? it's so bad 1015-NOV-19
This is one of the reasons SQL Developer is still not as usable as TOAD901-NOV-19
This feature is important feature ! It would make documentation tasks less boring.1021-AUG-19
Preserving the formatting colors and fonts while doing copy and paste from SQL Developer worksheet to other applications will be a great plus, please implement this feature we have been waiting so many years now... :) 1005-JUL-19
I have been looking for this feature in SQL Developer periodically ever since V4 when the 3rd party extension became incompatible, and am amazed that it's not here yet but is in several of the other good SQL and code tools out there.1024-MAY-19
Please implement this feature. It would save me from having to copy the query to NotePad++ and then copying it to Word or Outlook. Note: In NotePad++ use Plugins > NPPExport > Copy RTF to Clipboard1006-MAY-19
Please add this feature1026-MAR-19
Very important feature. Please add a way to export formatted text to clipboard. 1023-MAR-19
quite helpful to speedup code understaning by team mates.1020-FEB-19
It should come as an alternative to the default "copy without formatting". For instance, we could use CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy WITH formatting.1002-JUL-18
Extremetly important for us!1004-JUN-18
Would love to see this get implemented.1016-MAR-18
Great for gemerating more readable documentation.1009-MAR-18
would surely help me1016-FEB-18
This feature would help me a lot during my daily work1014-FEB-18
I'd really appreciate this feature. It would make copied sql excerpts into mails and written docs more readable.1002-FEB-18
It is easier to read when pasting the code in email.1031-JAN-18
It makes queries more readable in Word documents, or in e mails. And it works with TOAD !1029-JAN-18
Would be a great feature to have. How many times to you work on a query, get it right and email around, or post the query in the documentation. It is so much more readable formatted like this with the colours than just plain old text. And it can't be hard to do!1015-JAN-18
Nice feature for prepairing good documentation.803-JAN-18
Communicating queries with others is far easier with this feature.1026-DEC-17
It would be great!.1024-OCT-17
Essential feature. Already spoiled by Toad : (1027-SEP-17
This is an essential feature that "SQL Navigator" has. If SQL Developer had it, I could migrate. Otherwise, not happening. I use it a lot in emails where I post a SQL query, followed by a table of the results/1030-AUG-17
a must have indeed.1008-AUG-17
This feature could be much more useful for better documentation.919-JUL-17
This would be very useful to allow making better documents with sql code1016-JUN-17
This is much needed feature since it help in documentation922-MAR-17
This is must have feature. Please include this asap. 1002-FEB-17
This would be a great feature.1013-DEC-16
Up voting to add this feature ASAP1023-NOV-16
Love this feature1023-NOV-16
It will very useful to have the sql formated when you are creating new documentation and man pages.1020-NOV-16
It'd be a great plus to the already great tool1010-NOV-16
Really need this to copy and paste in e mail clients like Outlook/Thunderbird1001-NOV-16
It's important for me too1022-SEP-16
Extremely useful. I used to use this as an extension in SQL Developer v3 and really miss it...1012-SEP-16
I used this feature as an extension in v3...1012-SEP-16
If this feature was available, I'll stop using TOAD and use SQL Developer all of the time1008-SEP-16
If this feature was available, I'd probably stop using TOAD and use SQL Developer all of the time.1007-SEP-16
It's a great feature.1031-AUG-16
This feature if available would be soo great. Its available in Toad.1020-JUL-16
Would be very helpful, too for custom reports that generate HTML output.1015-DEC-15
I like to copy paste code/queries into messages, and I want them to look pretty. This feature is must have for modern IDE1020-FEB-15
Looking for this too. Toad has this ability.1020-AUG-14
There was a plugin for this but I was having issues with it after upgrading SQL Developer. I would love to see this as a native feature. I pass a lot of SQL & PL/SQL back and forth in emails.1029-APR-14
Would be fantastic to have it. There's a lot of functionality re. exporting data set result but NONE when you copy SQL from editor. Both HTML and RTF seem to be great feature   allowing to preserve formatting (colors etc..) when pasting code to document it (like MS Word editor)1023-JAN-14
It would be very useful that code copied from SQLDeveloper could be pasted in HTML emails or Text editor applications with the same (or similar) format (font and color) used in SQL Developer. This should be an additional option, plain text copy should be available too1027-JAN-11
This would be a great feature. I'd actually give more priority to RTF format. 1017-MAR-10
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