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Locations are important.920-NOV-19
It would be very very helpful1006-JUN-19
Why is your solution to add a recent files picker when the request is the ability to define default directories for SQL, package code, etc.? Get modern!1025-APR-19
This is such an important feature. Our whole dev team is considering moving to SQL Developer, and if we have to go back to our root source code directory with every file we open ... well that's kind of insane. No, my source code is not located in c:\users\sswank\appdata\local\temp. 1001-NOV-17
very useful1010-OCT-17
Really need to default to a configurable location.1009-NOV-15
So usefull!1004-NOV-15
It extremely important.1010-AUG-15
It's very annoying to miss this feature.1013-MAY-15
It's extremely needed1002-NOV-14
One of the first settings I tried to change. Thanks!1029-JUL-14
This would be a huge time saver. If I could see "Recent Places" in Windows 7 that would rock!1018-JUL-14
I am missing this option!!1005-JUN-14
Not having this feature is an irritation and an inconvenience on multiple occassions every single day.1022-MAY-14
This would be extremely useful.1013-MAR-14
I need this feature in all file related operations!1006-MAR-14
Extremely annoying that every time I want to save a file I have to navigate through to my preferred location..1008-NOV-13
Not having this feature annoys me on a daily basis.1008-NOV-13
Yes, please. 1025-FEB-13
Yes please! Would save lots of time. :)919-JAN-13
I need this feature too :)1019-JAN-13
This should be a "connection level" setting in the Connection property sheet. I would suspect many of us have separate folder trees for each connection for our schema specific script files, etc., as well as a "common scripts" folder912-SEP-12
From a post I put on Jeff Smith's blog: Hi Jeff, I know you can set the default location for scripts at: Tools > Preferences > Database > Worksheet But what about a default for File Open (say when you first open SQL Dev)? Is there a default for that? If not, how can we control the options on the left of the File Open dialog? Regards, Dan1007-MAR-12
while this always opens to (within Windows) my document and settings area, it would be a boon to be able to change this default directory (seems that I can change all of other directories!)719-JAN-11
This is a real pain   how about something like the TOAD option to add favourite locations to the open / save dialogues?1009-DEC-10
Wouldn't even be necessary to provide a new preference; just use the default path to look for scripts.707-JUL-10
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