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Truly helpful1008-MAY-19
Need this badly1021-AUG-17
Extremely useful. Used it very frequently in TOAD1029-MAR-17
very useful!1008-MAR-17
Is an essential requirement1028-FEB-17
would be very useful!1005-JAN-17
Would be very useful1004-NOV-16
That would be a nice feature!1010-AUG-16
This would be a very good enhancement. I would needs this regularly.1004-JUL-16
often needed. would be nice to have it at Your fingertips1026-JAN-16
This automatic feature is extremely needed cause daily used and make me save a lot of time as well!1004-JAN-16
Shouldn't be too hard... and it would help a great deal. My 2 cents.1010-NOV-15
I like that too1013-OCT-15
me too!! 1023-SEP-15
know this feature from Toad and there it was very helpful for me several times.929-JUL-15
This feature is really required for daily operations work where we need to update/insert data based on its availability in the target table. 1016-APR-15
Interesting idea. On the other hand I don't remember a real world case where I wanted to use a merge script instead of insert commands. It could happen when changeing core data values and moveing this change to test and prod environments.924-FEB-15
This would be an awesome feature to add.1013-NOV-14
Would definitely use this a lot, instead of just a INSERT option in the Export Wizard, an option to create MERGE statements as well.924-OCT-14
Great for generation of migration code. Resulting MERGE script can then be included by developer in the Cart921-JUL-14
We have 9 lower environments and synching data can be troublesome   this would be a huge help. Thanks!1004-APR-14
This thing would be extremely helpful1010-SEP-13
This thing is extremely needed1009-AUG-13
I'd love to see this.1015-JUL-13
Sql Developer would be perfect if this functionality was built in.1011-MAY-13
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