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Should be mandatory1005-DEC-19
Would enhance value of this tool.1026-FEB-19
Proper documentation is a must.1027-NOV-18
current documentation is very poor1022-NOV-18
It is imperative to provide more details regarding classes, methods and attributes.1025-OCT-18
Definitely need this! A few old examples exist(for 3.0). No example libraries are provided in 4.1 (this would have been a big help)1019-JUN-16
COuld be same ideas ad odiRef library...this will be amazing...1019-FEB-16
Better documentation would be great1026-NOV-15
Better if you include also API documentation to build plugins!1005-JUN-14
I imagine the SDDM team does not have the resources to support the API but most of us just want to have a reference document with a brief description of the purpose of the methods. Have a disclaimer in the docs that say this is not a supported feature except on a community forum like an EA release. I do not have time to play with the API until it works or search the internet for disconnected examples that don't relate to my needs. I am not the kind of person who wants to solve the API problem before I can apply the API to solve my problem.1015-NOV-13
Excelent feature1005-NOV-13
It'd be really time!1019-SEP-13
That would take this product much much higher. Custom source code generation from the model would give a huge advantage over separate scripting. I would like to start my code generation right from here, from the data model.1014-JUN-13
This is a must have...1012-JUN-13
Absolutely necessary a java doc like API documentation of available objects/methods for scripting.1018-DEC-12
It would be a nice Xmas present : )1014-DEC-12
Thanks for xmlmetadata. Any progress on this would be huge.1028-AUG-12
Absolutly necessary1028-AUG-12
absolutely should have.especially when need mass update operation? for example no API about what attribute can do? attribute.setName(),is this method available?1009-AUG-12
documentation and good exacmples would be very handy and appreciated!1001-AUG-12
absolutely must have!1013-MAR-12
This is essential, especially if you have a model that requires a lot of re work. T1023-FEB-12
These features are incomplete with good documentation1014-FEB-12
This would be really helpful. 1002-NOV-11
Essential! More sample scripts would be useful, too.1014-OCT-11
Would allow this tool to become even more useful.1020-JUL-11
This would be a realy great feature! The scripting is genius in the version 3!1028-JUN-11
This would be a great benefit for script programmers.1006-JUN-11
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