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Definitely needed especially when working in very large systems1026-FEB-20
This would be very useful even if just for the Tables listing1001-AUG-19
Very much needed! 1006-JUN-19
Would be very useful. Even something as simple as being able to save filters across multiple connection would help. 1001-MAR-19
Very useful913-NOV-18
Very important for us. The reason No.1 why I bought PL/SQL Developer of my own money.1021-AUG-18
It's the least possible replacement for the projects you got in SQL Server devlopment (Visual Studio) or in competing IDEs like dbForge for Oracle.1016-AUG-17
Absolutely needed. A must have for working with project files.1016-AUG-17
Very much needed. Working on project's It's waste of time clicking on nodes to open different types of objects, missing some, searching some functions, directories, ..., every time you start SQL Developer (which is btw great tool!!!) There should be object type like "project", where sql developer user can group different objects (or URL's, or SQL developer TAB's). One object should be member of various "project's". This approach make "code warehouse" more transparent and developer work more efficient.1030-JAN-17
Very much needed!909-MAR-16
Toad has something similar which i sorely miss; it is the Project Navigator. It allows you to make in a tree like way various folders and subfolders that hold links to objects . It allows for easy access to specific items you're working on in the project.1021-JAN-15
Why not!!805-JUN-14
This would be a great addition. We are a pl/sql developer shop that I'm trying to convert to sql developer and that is one feature that developers use in pl/sql developer that sql developer does not have1008-NOV-12
Was going to add a feature request to enable something like the Editor Tab Groups feature in the navigator, so if I select a schema object, then need an object from a different schema, I don't have to scroll through miles of objects to get back to the first schema object. This is probably better, assuming favourite sets can be "persisted".1025-JUL-12
Definitely a must have. Here are some futher thoughts. Other features   objects created while working in a project automatically become part of the project   multiple projects open at once. Each project could be a tab in the connection pane.   inclusion of files Further refinements   version control integration*   diff integration (compare only the project's objects rather than having to select when starting the diff tool)   a deployment tool which could generate a delivery package (ddl including alter table ) for the objects in the project   integration with data modeller so a project ties in with a subview on a diagram   world peace.1028-JUN-11
At a minmum we would like to be able to have a favorite list of schemas because at the moment although the filter other users option works if you need to turn the filter off then when you want to turn it back on you have to re create it as it is not saved1024-NOV-10
Much needed! The ability to work with a subset of objects in context to a project. Tagging within the favorites could help with grouping of the objects across projects.908-JUL-09
great! i have many reports, each of which touches a different set of objects.. it'd be great being able to save each reports' set of tables/views as a single session file (see Opera Browser)1012-OCT-06
nice to have707-SEP-06
I work with the E Business suite and this would make life much easier when working with multiple objects from various schemas. 831-AUG-06
This would be very helpful   to open half a dozen objects that I was working on last night when I restart SQLDeveloper can require half a dozen filters on three or four different nodes across several users.922-AUG-06
There's been some discussion of making this kind of "project oriented" enhancement to the Navigator. Sounds good   I'm currently working with eBusiness Suite and only need to refer to a fraction of the objects therein for this project. Please   if adopted, not as many folders and files as JDeveloper.821-AUG-06
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