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Very usefull feature1020-MAY-20
This would save a lot of time!1030-JAN-20
Really important feature to avoid a mess of manually temporary dump files as stated notepad++ and plsql developer both implement this well.1001-AUG-19
definitely a big improvement, when the feature is provided. 1002-JUL-19
It will save a lot of time for me!1026-APR-19
Not having this feature is a continual frustration for me. Having it will save me a lot of time. Please implement!1019-MAR-19
Really useful, Also autosave files(tabs) with default names without prompting for file (name/save) dialog1007-DEC-18
When developing, I have tons of tempory sql scripts in different tabs(i don't want to save everything i write), named query resultsets,layout configurations ecc.. it's so annoing setting up the "workspace" everyday. It would be timesaving having the posibility to "save as" workspace.. to easealy get back the workspace on different projects 1013-SEP-18
Absolutely necessary. Might save time.1002-AUG-18
Need this so Badly. Notepad++ has great implementation 1005-JUL-18
Feature will save lots of time. Often leave SQL Developer overnight because of large amount of opened files and objects.1003-JAN-18
Also restoring unsaved SQL worksheets. The amount of temporary SQL queries i have lost due to not having saved to a file, is way too large.1030-OCT-17
This would be great! I can shutdown and don't have to think about the file names like what should I rename DEV~6.sql so I will remember tomorrow...1022-SEP-17
Super time saver !!! There are few crashes sometimes on my windows machine, hopefully this feature will also recover the workspace after a unexpected crash.1007-SEP-17
sorely needed 1006-JUN-16
Incredible idea! Love it.1027-JAN-16
Having this feature would make it much easier to implement the ability to restore the workspace on a crash. Right now that is the one thing that people using the free version of Toad point to as the advantage it has over SQL Developer.1017-DEC-15
Would be very useful   I frequently take screen captures of my current layout/tabs to be able to restore my workspace quickly after a reboot.1007-OCT-15
It might be very useful to work on different "projects"1002-NOV-14
must have1030-OCT-14
Absolutely necessary!1021-OCT-14
Yes, this is needed1018-SEP-14
Very welcome, especially for the window/pane layout!905-JUN-14
good idea1014-MAR-14
Actually I would really really love this feature in case you implement in a way that we can manage multiple workspaces, so that in case you work on multiple projects you could save & restore all open files and windows etc per project.1007-MAR-14
Good idea.806-MAR-14
Would appreciate this as well.1024-FEB-14
Session save/restore would be exceptionally nice to have   we too aren't permitted to leave machines on overnight so being able to seamlessly continue working would be great.803-DEC-13
would save a lot of time saving and opening files at each shutdown start up. 1011-SEP-13
These would be a great feature! It would be something like session restore in FireFox.1013-AUG-13
This would be a great feature to save a lot of time for opening the same things over and over again   could you possible state a schedule for that feature?1015-DEC-11
Workspace restore would be a real timesaver!!!803-OCT-11
I would very much like to see this useful feature implemented quickly. Thanks.1010-MAY-11
Also, related to this request, I would like to be able to save more than just one workspace project. For example I could save a workspace for our financials database, but have another workspace for a web orders database.1015-FEB-11
Simply a must!1005-FEB-11
it'll be nicw.1005-MAR-10
It will be useful825-NOV-09
Common useful feature in modern software1003-SEP-09
1)Launch SQL Developer. 2)Connect. 3)Issue Query. 4)Resize Results pane to see the 1 result it returned. 5) Wonder who would set the default size so that 0 results were visible.1020-FEB-09
Please fix the results screen/panel issue then we don't have to resize the results window every time we start using SQL Developer.1012-NOV-08
should be a must have1020-AUG-07
I have been dreaming about this feature for a long time. This feature would be most helpful. I'm surprised not many products (freeware or otherwise) have this feature.1029-MAY-07
I think this was mis interpreted by dev. I believe the original request was not to have the worksheets remain open between closing SQLDev itself, and not just when you close the DB Connection. This would be more like in firefox when you crash and reopen, all of your tabs are back and pointing to the sites you left them. This would be useful as an option, in case you are in the middle of a complicated sessin with many worksheets, explain plans, etc. You could choose to "Save" your session   close SQL Dev   reopen later, and have the same workspaces, etc just where you left them.1031-JAN-07
This will save much time....1010-JAN-07
Yes, the time I spend resizing windows could well be spent elsewhere ...920-DEC-06
This would save me so much time :)903-OCT-06
I keep my files in a (windows) u:\eamples directory. I have set my raptor_user_dir to this directory, so when I run files ( @cursor_run.sql, for example) it runs them without having to type the path. However, when I press SAVE on a new file, it sends me to the my documents folder (which I NEVER save files to) and I have to manually drill down to the drive and directory of choice. This is very time consuming an enough to make the product less helpful than the sqlplus and notepad combination.1022-SEP-06
...and bookmarks and breakpoints.712-SEP-06
nice timesaver!724-AUG-06
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