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Required for CIs1028-NOV-18
prerequisite for Continuous Integration 1015-FEB-18
If a command line mode is accepted I would also like the ability to do a command line comparison of models, database data dictionary and any combination of the two. If, after comparison DDL can be generated, this will make the tool essential for DevOps and automatic deployments.1014-DEC-17
It would be great to have this possibilitiy so we can include this as part of our continuous delivery pipeline in Jenkins. We currently create scripts manually with Data Modeler, maintain them under our version control system and use Jenkins to execute them. We would like to include the "generate" part of our pipeline also integrated. 1018-OCT-17
Command line or scripting Interface would make SDDM better to handle LARGE data models. We have a datawarehouse with more than 4000 tables in multiple designs (response times and parallel projects has become an issue to us   you could say). We desperately need to populate the Reporting schema and generate Reports   by scripting   overnight. The Reporting schema is used for quality checks against the db and between the multiple designes (50   yes   that is to many but..). The reports is used for online documentation (120 relation models   a terrible manual job).1024-MAY-17
I need the feature very urgently! This feature allows you to implement Continuous Integration / Deployment for Oracle schemas. Oracle Data Tools for Visual Studio are not yet sufficiently developed for CI / CD. 1028-APR-17
I would also request the ability to run transformation scripts as well. 1012-OCT-16
great work saving idea1010-OCT-16
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