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Very useful future   I'm waiting for it!1005-JUL-19
SQLDeveloper Team: I think it's time to implement this. Yes, make the developer actually type the 'FOR UPDATE' clause. Yes, make the developer actually click an icon to 'unlock' the records. OR (if this makes it more palatable for the development team [see the previous post where Jeff didn't think this was a good thing to do as above]) Give me the ability to pass a where clause from a query in a worksheet to the data grid for a table. Filtering rows on a data grid is possible (it's just a bit tedious in my opinion), let me quickly pass the where clause in. OR Allow us to type in a where clause on the data grid! Any of the above would work.1007-FEB-19
Don't what's against building this: select * from emp where ename like 'A%' for update; => data updatable so change grid to edit mode...1017-APR-18
This would be very helpful1010-APR-18
Not sure what else to do other than vote on this already rejected request. At the end of the day, we're not going to switch databases because of this (specifically). It's the little things like this that add up though. At one time IBM owned the O/S market. They didn't listen to what users wanted though, and so Microsoft came along and listened...and dominated. ...then Microsoft became too big to care or listen, and now we (like most companies) are moving servers to Linux. Oracle still has a commanding share of the market (although slipping). Give it a few more years of ignoring the priorities of its users, and let's see where things stand. Once the downward slide starts it's very difficult to regain the former glory.1014-MAR-18
While it's not a feature I use myself (I prefer the old fashioned way), it's the number 1 feature request that keeps coming back from more casual Oracle users and developers. As long as this feature is not present, it's very hard to convince them to drop their old IDE and to migrate to SQL Developer.1024-JAN-18
Would be useful.1013-OCT-17
Our employees always asking me about this feature1014-JUL-17
Very useful feature.1025-JUN-17
This is very important feature for a developers909-MAY-17
Very necessary! select ... for update1001-MAR-17
It would be very convenient for me to edit value in query result. Wish this feature could be implemented ASAP. 1017-NOV-16
Please reconsider this feature! <31025-OCT-16
one of the important feature in PLSQL Developer. I hope you should consider it before I can move to SQL Developer1014-JUN-16
Please we need this functionality.... thanks for that1004-MAY-16
Oracle only listens to the sound of money. 1030-JUN-15
I really like Jeff Smith, but he treated me rather curtly when I emailed last year in disbelief that SQLDev did not yet have this feature. His reply essentially indicated they thought it was a bad idea, that all customers were wrong and they'd never implement it. I'm astounded Oracle refuses to listen to common sense and customers about this feature request. It is essential. Note that many of your customers refuse to move to SQL Dev until this feature is implemented. It is expected of ANY database development tool, let alone the leader and pioneer in database technology.1011-JUN-15
Oracle lacks behind (again)1021-APR-15
Why was this rejected? Other products have this feature and it's extremely beneficial.1030-MAR-15
This would be great (it's the main reason that I still use TOAD). Why was this rejected?1013-MAR-15
I agree. This is a neat feature. Rather than writing an entire update statement, I can just: 1. lock the record(s), 2. change the data, 3. post the changes, and 4. commit. You may restrict this feature to results sets generated out of a single table only. We're currently able to do this in PL/SQL Developer (from Allroundautomations)811-MAR-15
A great tool needs that feature. Please reconsider.1010-MAR-15
#1 reason given from team unwilling to move from SqlNav to this tool.1022-OCT-14
I use Toad or PLSQL Developer to use this feature. You use select * from <<table_name>> for update ; Result set becomes editable once you click on lock icon. This is the single most feature requested on this forum. Sad to see status as Rejected. Any software/tool should increase productivity instead of forcing one/another way of doing something. Just hope it will be reopened and will be a feature in future version.1024-SEP-14
This would be great to have such feature in SQL Developer. In TOAD there is such handy feature and it was implemented years ago.1029-AUG-14
This option i used in TOAD is very helpful and i want to please to put it in the SQL Developer, the classic and accurate tool to administer database objects and do the standard work with Oracle database. Many thanks. 1001-AUG-14
it will save my time if i was able to edit the result directly..1020-MAY-14
Ciertamente, una caracteriztica muy necesaria para una rapida actualizacion de datos filtrados, sobre todo cuando se usan diferentes tablas.1015-MAY-14
Good proposition1014-MAY-14
update table set a = :x where id = :par Yes, i know what did i updated, ty but no!124-APR-14
need this feature1023-APR-14
The only one feature missing1022-APR-14
Top from balada1004-APR-14
i think so it is more important defect1019-MAR-14
Useful for quick data changes. Also would help me to switch from PL/SQL Developer.1014-MAR-14
Don't think SQL developer is the right tool for this task. there are fare more important features that developers of SQL developer should focus on107-MAR-14
I think it's bad idea. You are not in Excel spreadshit.106-MAR-14
Needed to replace Toad and PL/SQL Developer1013-FEB-14
must have1005-FEB-14
Lack of this feature keeps our development team still with SQL Navigator. We are waiting for you...1003-FEB-14
It would be a very useful feature.1031-JAN-14
Would be so helpful, I used it a lot in Toad.1030-JAN-14
So very useful for quick data changes. 1016-JAN-14
this is minimum requirement for the entry level users1017-DEC-13
This is a basic feature which should be available in SQL Developer.1016-DEC-13
This is so common feature in all other products. I highly use this feature most of times. Sadly I don't like going to data tab just to update one cell value. It's not efficient. Please put this feature in new version. it will give many developers to use sql developer as their primary tool.1021-NOV-13
make it lockable by adding something into the sqldeveloper.conf (protection against newbies)814-NOV-13
Currently I go to Toad to edit some lookups. This is necessary.1007-OCT-13
an essential feature, especially as both TOAD and PL/SQL developer have it.1004-OCT-13
As long as it can have a confirmation dialog so accidental edits can't be made. (Maybe with a view SQL statement feature as well)1004-OCT-13
Apex already exists for this kind of thing. And update statements.120-SEP-13
Is an essential feature... Must have1019-SEP-13
Attempting to convert from PL/SQL Developer and this feature would be great to have.1017-SEP-13
Very important in the way to substitute TOAD!!!1003-SEP-13
Badly needed!1027-AUG-13
It is very needed!!!1002-AUG-13
It is needed!!!1030-JUL-13
This is very useful information. And Not able to migrate complete to SQL Developer becoz of this feature is not available.1022-JUL-13
indispensable 1020-JUL-13
don't wait much longer :&nbsp;)1003-JUL-13
Must have!!1019-JUN-13
This feature would be very great to be implemented.922-MAY-13
Very useful and necessary feature to have for Developers1013-MAY-13
Yes please make this feature possible!1016-APR-13
Very useful feature. When I need to do it, I need to start SQuirreL SQL client. And this is quite often.1010-APR-13
It is most useful feature and offered in PL/SQL developer and TOAD.1028-MAR-13
I really don't like Toad for everyday use &nbsp; too heavy. I do very often rely on direct editing so this is indeed a must have.1020-MAR-13
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