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I'd love to use SQL*Developer also with PostgreSQL.1022-APR-14
This is important1005-FEB-14
Very usefull 1026-JAN-14
Yes please. Also add migration tools (pg >ora). I'm currently developing in Postgresql but would like be able to easily migrate to Oracle if the solution kicks off and an Oracle license becomes affordable.1020-JAN-14
Absolutely necessary to migrate on Enterprise Platform904-JAN-14
this would be useful for devs !!817-DEC-13
Very useful feature1029-OCT-13
It would help migrating from Postgres to Oracle1015-OCT-13
Very important, i didn't understand why not to implement this, is only check code against jdbc postgres driver.1003-SEP-13
need to convert from elephant database to "dewa oracle" database1024-AUG-13
'... keep thine 'enemy' closer!'1024-AUG-13
I also would like to use SQLDeveloper as my only DBA Tool1015-AUG-13
migrating from postgres to oracle using sql developer would be a nice improvement1015-JUL-13
I really need this1012-JUL-13
Yes please!1011-JUL-13
This would make everyone's life so much easier.1025-JUN-13
Definitely would simplify development at our company.1001-APR-13
Did frequent migration projects back and forth. It would be really usefull to be able to cover it all with one UI.1028-FEB-13
Excelent migration tool. PostgreSQL is good, but is desired who have some interaction with Oracle. I canĀ“t found a java connector who work.1025-JAN-13
This would be ideal, we do a lot of development in both Oracle and PostgreSQL1011-JAN-13
Why not an Oracle tool for the management of another rdbms1011-JAN-13
PostgreSQL support would be great!1004-DEC-12
Yes, SQLDeveloper should support PostgreSQL, after all, sqldev is a tool for professionals. Profis do work with PostgreSQL also.1018-OCT-12
Not needed415-OCT-12
SQLDeveloper should be the best IDE for SQL developers1020-SEP-12
That would help me right now ... 1011-SEP-12
Good Migration Tool, then I can change to ORACLE DB1001-AUG-12
This would make oracle sql developer a far greater tool.1025-JUL-12
Great! Please consider connection to Vertica and 3rd party databases also. Thanks!1019-JUL-12
While Oracle may not like us DBA's having to support PostGreSql it is becoming more of a factor in our lives. Having one tool to handle all of it is something that would be VERY impressive.1002-JUL-12
Rails developers would love you!1022-MAY-12
Yes, we need it!1022-MAY-12
Oh, god, thank you!1027-MAR-12
Very useful, will avoid having several tools to connect to databases1027-MAR-12
Very nice to have1024-MAR-12
Simply to have a free tool for migrate PosgreSql to Oracle 822-MAR-12
Having DB tool you are familiar with, for different database types, is very good option.909-MAR-12
Should be possible to provide at least basic support for any database with JDBC driver817-FEB-12
To enhance our productivity working with various DB (including PostgreSQL), please provide this feature. 1015-FEB-12
there is no posgres client this simple yet powerfull tools1015-FEB-12
Is necesaary1008-FEB-12
PostGIS is the best alternative to oracle spatial, so a lot of applications are using it, help those of us who want to continue using Oracle, and need to port those applications to Oracle1006-FEB-12
Use a variety of DB's Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL would be nice to use one DB Connection tool for all query work.1003-FEB-12
We use both Oracle and PostgreSQL heavily in our shop and this would let us use the one best tool for them both. 1031-JAN-12
This feature would make SQL Developer the ideal tool to assist with Postgres to Oracle migrations.1011-JAN-12
Last step before recommanding SQL Developper as our only SQL tool for al the teams.1014-NOV-11
So, I could manage all my databases in one tool.1008-JUL-11
Doing this would make it a GREAT tool!1014-JUN-11
need for the migration project from PostgreSQL to oracle1008-JUN-11
That is what i miss1024-MAY-11
Would be a welcome addition919-APR-11
Same tool from all DBA tasks. Also nice to include MySQL (which is Oracle product now.919-APR-11
Please add support for postgres to SQL Developer.815-APR-11
It would be nice to just have one tool. Would make it easier to migrate to Oracle711-APR-11
very important nowadays.1001-APR-11
Please Please Please, We need this!1023-MAR-11
We desperately need to be able to connect to postgresql database from SQL Developer1009-MAR-11
if You want a widely used tool, You must assure the connection with this o.s. dbms. Just to facilitate migration to Oracle.1007-MAR-11
We use Oracle and PosgreSQL together. It would be nice if we can use SQL Developer for all our sql development.123-FEB-11
suddenly Oracle's tool becomes the only tool I need for all my DBA work, funny that825-JAN-11
It's unfortunate that Oracle has yet to add PostgreSQL support to SQL Developer.1012-JAN-11
I also need Postgres to work with Oracle SQL Developer1018-OCT-10
Definately a must addon for SQL Developer1017-OCT-10
Needed for toolset standardization1002-OCT-10
PostgreSQL Powerfull1006-SEP-10
Since this is my IDE of choice when I'm editing any sql file, I think that support for other DBMS is ubber important. PostgreSQL is a cheap way to have a decent DBMS and making SQL Developer able to browse and develop over PostreSQL would be a NICE idea.1011-JUN-10
it would be awesome.1004-JUN-10
Helps minimizing the use of different tools when working with 3rd party DBMS aside the Oracle production databases. SQL Developer is getting btter and better!703-JUN-10
While all our in house db's are Oracle there are 3rd party tools db that don't have an Oracle variant. 1027-MAY-10
I use sqldeveloper as The Sql tool for every database, from oracle 11r2 to oracle xe and mysql, it's very well built. It would be very important for me to support postgres.1011-MAY-10
Critical Inclusion1010-MAY-10
+ its usefull and can connect oracle xe and postgresql (+mysql,access..) 1008-MAY-10
I'm having to work with more and more PostgreSQL db's, I'd prefer to use sql developer.1006-MAY-10
Need this for migrating from Postgres to Oracle828-APR-10
oh yes i would love it, i use postgre in dev environment and oracle in production...1009-APR-10
this is a must1029-MAR-10
absolutely needed for migrate code from postgres to Oracle723-MAR-10
I think PostgreSql is a very good DB.516-MAR-10
We are starting to use SQL*Developer as THE PRODUCTION SUPPORT tool for all database varieties (set up hundreds of connections). This would help with integrating another 3rd party db.1003-MAR-10
Would be a very very nice feature, having 1 IDE for multiple types of DB's 921-JAN-10
Please add Postgre support   my company's making heavy use of it and as a previous comment mentioned, postgre developement tools are far from ideal when you're accustomed to SQL Developer!1013-JAN-10
I need it many times   Postgres IDE tools are vary bad and unfeatured (as compared with SQL Developer). And it will be usefull to control replication from/to PostgreSQL databases to Oracle (I'm using it now throuth hsODBC)1025-NOV-09
Oracle at work, PostgreSQL and SQLite at home1003-NOV-09
Including creating, compiling and debugging pg/PLSQL. Interestingly, EnterpriseDB has made available (supposedly) all the Oracle PL/SQL packages like DBMS_SCHEDULER etc which might make some aspects of SQL Developer support for this Postgres version easier once the basic Postgres support is done. Simon Greener1024-MAY-09
more and more posgresql db in my company1004-FEB-09
All of the sudden, this would be a very useful feature in SQL Developer for me.808-JAN-09
Despite the fact that I think Oracle Databases are the best I still must work with legacy code that relies on Postgresql. It would be great to do it all with one manager!1029-SEP-08
Mayor strategic feature1011-SEP-08
Im supprised why postgres is not supported yet1010-SEP-08
Should have been there in the first place.814-AUG-08
It's the obvious next database to add support for.825-JUL-08
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