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Yes. Convenient and beneficial1027-FEB-20
This would really aid my new Developer colleagues allowing them to better see the trees for the wood.719-NOV-17
Great idea, would increase efficiency of coding a lot! BUT: should work for all instrumentation code as for EBS development we use other logging functions!1013-MAR-17
Graying or hiding LOGGER code will greatly improve working on actual code and improving quality.1028-OCT-16
Should apply to all instrumentation code. Reduces the noise when reading code and that's for sure helpful. Known frameworks such as Logger should be available in a default SQLDev installation. But it'll be nice if others could be configured, e.g. to support existing, homegrown instrumentation code.1028-OCT-16
Make this more general: offer a second set of comment rules with configurable colors and search strings1027-OCT-16
The highlighting would need to be configurable much like all the other syntax highlighting. One could probably "hide" the text by using an "alternate" highlighting configuration where text=background=default_background1026-OCT-16
Please make it configurable! (maybe we don't need regexp for this, but different schema names would be great!)1026-OCT-16
Would be a great feature, since I use logger in all my APEX and PL/SQL development!!!925-OCT-16
Maybe also an option to hide/gray out all references to code that resists in a certain database scheme?925-OCT-16
Great idea!1024-OCT-16
Correction: this should be a feature request for the Code Editor   PL/SQL Syntax Colors (not the sql formatter).1024-OCT-16
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