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needed !1008-NOV-19
writing "unittestwrapper" functions too time consuming.1017-SEP-19
Would be very useful!1005-AUG-19
We use record structures as parameters in many of our packaged procedures and functions. The absence of this capability is effectively a deal breaker!1020-DEC-17
Important feature for many companies. Object Types are used in many projects.926-APR-17
most important improvement for unit testing module 1019-JAN-17
most needed feature1021-OCT-16
This is needed! So is REF CURSOR support1026-MAY-16
We have a lot of logic in our types, but we can't build unit tests for them.1027-JAN-15
must have1001-OCT-14
I have started moving my app from almost all java to OO plsql, but this is a big issue for me   I have to write a bogus procedure to construct an object and execute a method in order to test objects   would great to be able to do this in the tool1015-OCT-13
Still not available in Anywhere you can attach code needs to be able to be tested.1011-SEP-13
why as feature? should be basically possible!!!1026-APR-11
Would be great to see even object types supported here!1026-APR-11
No brainer. Why wasn't it included to start with?1012-MAR-10
This feature would be a great improvement for the unit test capability.1021-JAN-10
This really would be a nice enhancement to the SQL Developer I will use.1012-JAN-10
This would be an useful tool to make programming safer.1012-JAN-10
Without this is ours migration of Unit Tests from utPLSQL into SQL Delevoper impossible.1008-JAN-10
no proper unit tests without object types1007-JAN-10
Very usefull to test my ORA application completly!1007-JAN-10
would be very useful to have this feature1007-JAN-10
It would be awesome to have the possibility to test object types   100% increase of job performance guaranteed!1007-JAN-10
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