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Seems too vague a request. 4.2 has an outline feature is that what this is looking for?109-MAR-17
Very useful 903-JAN-17
Strongly required.1003-JAN-17
good idea831-OCT-16
Great idea. Not sure it should be prioritized of memory usage and various other tweaks, but nonetheless great idea.923-SEP-16
This would be very helpful and time saving1012-SEP-16
We need this feature so much! A PL/SQL lexer/parser in SQL Developer. I guess that it's only feature that is missing to our team.1005-AUG-16
This would be really helpful for developers to visualize.916-MAR-16
this can help1003-MAR-16
Often looked for this feature elsewhere. Having it would be a great reason to stick with Oracle SQL Developer.1028-OCT-15
Hope in the future SQL Developer can navigate PL/SQL source code (in files) like TOAD   press F4, jump to the definition in another file.1015-OCT-15
This would be very useful utility1014-SEP-15
At my work place we're favoring PL/SQL Developer (from Allroundautomations) for this specific feature (among others), Code Contents. There, the feature is available only for PL/SQL objects, being edited in a Program Window. It parses the content of the object and displays the full content of the object (public and private) in a tree structure form, including parameters, variables, anonymous blocks, different type of statements (such as IFs or LOOPs), etc. Navigation inside Code Contents is reflected in the editor with code highlighting/selection as well. Also, it "hot tracks" changes to the object in the editor, reflecting them in Code Contents. It's a huge help, especially when you have to deal with (someone else's) badly formatted code... 1011-MAR-15
Would really be awesome.1010-MAR-15
Very Important!1010-DEC-14
I'd rather have a TOAD like package navigator with possibility navigate in .pkb / .pks files as well as packages loaded in the database. This is my main reason to stick with TOAD for now. Nevertheless really appreciate how you keep improving SQL Dev! Keep it UP!602-DEC-14
Excelente idea. 1021-NOV-14
FANTASTIC !!!1006-NOV-14
This would be a huge help to develop better code and debug older code.1017-OCT-14
The feature is very useful for PL/SQL developers.1016-SEP-14
This would be extremely useful feature if implemented..1009-AUG-14
Great if one could also see Object Type inheritance along the codemap.908-JUL-14
This would be an excellent feature for impact analysis of PL/SQL code1029-JUN-14
This would be an extremely useful addition to a great product.1017-JUN-14
This is the one which stops me migrating from PL/SQL Developer. Very important feature.1020-MAY-14
Great tool919-MAY-14
Love to have it1030-APR-14
I think quick reports for what objects depend on other objects, and vice versa, would be helpful.725-APR-14
Nice idea824-APR-14
This would be fantastic. How about the ability to show procedures as subroutines/activities and the built in commands as actions, with the ability to collapse/drill down levels of detail.1021-APR-14
Great idea, hope sql developer team can delivers it1011-DEC-13
This is a needed feature for those of us who inherit poorly structured code written by someone else or by me a few years ago.915-NOV-13
Coding a fix or change in PL/SQL is easy. Understanding legacy code and what needs changing is the hardest part IMHO.928-OCT-13
Would be nice to deliver a visual when having to generate a turnover doc.906-OCT-13
That 'd be cool...924-AUG-13
Yes! 1020-JUL-13
Makes SQLDEV above TOAD/PLSQLDeveloper1025-APR-13
Will be awesome to have1003-APR-13
Really a good feature1001-APR-13
Indeed, such functionality would be quite useful1022-MAR-13
Would like to see this.1015-FEB-13
Strategic feature.1002-FEB-13
yes !910-AUG-12
Fabulous idea!1002-AUG-12
workung formatter for SLQ _AND_ PL/SQL is more important.115-JUN-12
This could be great for the long procedures that orchestrate transactions. I have been using a tool called Visustin which does this quite well, and for many more languages than just PL/SQL.809-MAR-12
It's very useful when work in bigger code.1006-MAR-12
Great idea. Complexity is the only drawbacks of PL/SQL code. For this only only reason, I left PL/SQL coding long back and moved on to the ETL tools. If we can visualize the PL/SQL code in block digrams/flow charts in SQL developer, it would be really really cool. Now the trend is to "keep any code outside DB" i.e. in tools as it could get complex to understand or maintain. I can already see this feature reversing that trend. 1019-FEB-12
good idea910-JAN-12
Would a Good feature for SQL Developer931-OCT-11
Please extend the formatter options first.125-OCT-11
Very clever1003-OCT-11
Sounds nice, but only at first thought. 107-SEP-11
Would be very useful for some of our more complex applications based on PL/SQL.1020-JUL-11
Like the idea. I am assuming you can pick a package procedure/function and see the code flow for that. A start point and point within a code block would help with debugging. Also displaying conditional branching in the code flow be neat. Also grouping internal (private within procedure or package) vs external (goes outside package) calls would be good (color at least).801-JUN-11
I am all for a customizable formatter first, but this idea is a very cool one.502-MAY-11
It would be great920-APR-11
thumb up1010-JAN-11
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