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Please include also DBMS_HPROF 1030-AUG-18
DBMS_PROFILER has been superseded by hierarchical profiler since 11g. SQLDeveloper supported DBMS_HProf since version 3.0. 104-NOV-16
i wrote some views to get better and quick informations from DBMS_PROFILER result. write me for more informations.811-MAR-16
I use the profiler very often and it would be very helpful if there would be an interface from Sql developer1022-FEB-16
This would be great if we could get this826-OCT-15
Please include also DBMS_HPROF1003-JUN-15
Would be great if you can also provide some reports as well...805-JUN-14
Indeed this would be nice if we had it...924-OCT-13
You know, is a very common task to do optimization1012-APR-13
This would greatly improve ease of profiling and by this the quality of pl/sql.930-JUL-12
Would be very helpful1017-FEB-12
This would be great. This is one of the features makes me stick to Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer.1028-MAR-11
Yay! I second this, would be very useful!1009-APR-10
Great Idea808-APR-10
Is it implemented ?1009-FEB-10
This is something that would come in very useful.1007-JUL-08
We use SQL Navigator for this, which has a very good GUI. This feature could lead to us dumping the Navigator in favor of SQL Developer!1008-MAY-08
Definitely need this one!1004-DEC-06
A set of reports would be nice to be able to roll up data or compare runs.416-NOV-06
The more nice GUI that I have seen for profiler analysis is on SQLDetective.1001-NOV-06
I'll vote for this. 813-SEP-06
it would be very useful831-AUG-06
More performance tuning tools!!723-AUG-06
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