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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OLL Mobile?

The OLL Mobile Application allows you to access the same content you can access on the web version but on a mobile device.

You can search for content using the search field. You can access content by product or product release. You can see the most popular content and most recent content.

What do the icons mean?

There are many terms and icons in OLL Mobile that you might not be familiar with. These include:

This icon indicates that the content is composed of a series of content so there is more than one content item associated with it.

Known Issues

On Some Android Devices

  • On the Home page, entering something in the Search box and pressing enter does nothing. This appears to be a browser issue. It's an issue in the standard Android browser installed on the device. To solve, download the Firefox browser app from the Android Market.
  • After entering something in the search field, the bottom half of the screen switched to having a keyboard. The keyboard can be dismissed with the "Back / Return" arrow (button).

Using Downloaded files on Mobile Devices

  • Some content may have files needed to perform it such as sh or zip files. These files may not run successfully on your mobile device.

Error on iPhone: Opening page is not possible due to too many redirects

Perform the following steps per Apple Forum Post here:

  • Enable Cookies Safari
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Edit Settings > Safari > Advanced > Web Data, remove entries for *.oracle.com (if any)

Helpful Hints

To see more text in the list move your mobile device sideways so the orientation changes to landscape automatically.

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