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ASM Database Cloning

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ASM database cloning provides cloning of Multitenant databases (PDBs). This feature works by leveraging ASM redundancy. Previously, as a protection against data loss during hardware failure, ASM provided up to two additional redundant copies of a file's extents. Flex Disk Groups now can provide up to five redundant copies, in which one or more of the copies can be split off to provide a near instantaneous replica.

Business Benefit: The advantage of ASM database cloning, when compared with storage array-based replication, is that ASM database clones replicate complete databases (PDBs) rather than files or blocks of physical storage. Storage array or file system-based replication, in a database environment, requires coordination between database objects being replicated with the underlying technology doing the replication. With ASM database clones, the administrator does not need to understand the physical storage layout. This is another aspect of database-oriented storage management provided with ASM Flex Disk Groups.

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