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ASM FS Snapshot

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ASM FS Snapshot is a point-in-time copy of a file system and can provide up to 64 snapshot images. ASM FS Snapshot performs fast creation of persistent ASM FS images at a specific point-in-time with low overhead leveraging the Copy on Write technology. Read-only ASM FS Snapshots can be generated on an interval basis. They may reside in existing ASM FS storage or in an additional storage device and persist following a system restart.

Business Benefit: Even as the file system changes, the snapshot does not, giving you the ability to view the file system as it was at the time the snapshot was created. Initially, snapshots are read-only, which preserves their point-in-time capture. The following are the benefits of ASM FS Snapshots: (1) ASM FS Snapshots can be used as a source for backup. The original file system can continue to change but the static nature of the snapshot makes them ideal as a source for backup without keeping the original file system offline. (2) ASM FS Snapshots can be used as a means for you to recover accidentally deleted or modified files. (3) ASM FS Snapshots can be used as a source for data mining or report applications which need to work on a static, point-in-time data set.

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