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ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (DVM)

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The ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (DVM) is a kernel-loadable device driver that provides a standard device driver interface to clients (for example, ACFS). File systems or other processes can do I/O to this device driver as they would to any other disk device driver on the system. DVM is the primary I/O interface for ACFS to perform I/O and build a file system leveraging ASM as a volume manager. DVM is loaded on ASM start up. The device driver is cluster-aware and communicates with ASM for extent map information, extent rebalancing, and I/O failures.

Business Benefit: The ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (DVM) provides a standard I/O interface allowing general purpose file systems to leverage the full functionality of ASM as a volume manager. Oracle database files as well as non-Oracle database files, for example Oracle binaries, can now reside on ACFS eliminating the need for third-party file systems or volume managers to host general purpose files.

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