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Automatic Block Repair

Availability → RMAN

Automatic block repair allows corrupt blocks on the primary database or physical standby database to be automatically repaired, as soon as they are detected, by transferring good blocks from the other destination. In addition, RECOVER BLOCK is enhanced to restore blocks from a physical standby database. The physical standby database must be in real-time query mode.

Business Benefit: This feature reduces time when production data cannot be accessed, due to block corruption, by automatically repairing the corruptions as soon as they are detected in real-time using good blocks from a physical standby database. This reduces block recovery time by using up-to-date good blocks from a real-time, synchronized physical standby database as opposed to disk or tape backups or flashback logs.

Release Availability
Parent Feature
Automatic Block Repair
Available On
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Exadata
  • Exadata Cloud Service / Cloud@Customer
  • Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition - Extreme Performance


EE, ODA, and Exa: Requires the Oracle Active Data Guard option

Initial Release