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About this Application

This application highlights Cards regions in Oracle Application Express (APEX). Cards regions are a native region type. They provide developers with a powerful and flexible new way to display data in bite-sized blocks, ideal for use in faceted search, or presenting at-a-glance information. This application demonstrates how you can use Cards regions to enhance your applications and present data in new ways.

Getting Started

Run the application as a developer; at the bottom of the page will be buttons for viewing the page in the Application Express Application Builder. Click on the "Edit Page X" button to see how the pages are defined.

If you have questions, ask them on the OTN Forum.


  • Cards with 3 different styles
  • Cards with Facted Search region
  • Cards with Images using BLOB column, URL, video in iFrame
  • Cards Actions
  • Oracle JET Data Visualizations in Cards
  • Template Directives in Cards