This list template is a very common design pattern involving an icon, heading, description, and a badge.

Set Media List as the List Template.


Substitution Strings

The description of the media list item.
The badge of the media list item.
HTML Attributes for the clickable link inside of the list item.
HTML Attributes for the list item.
Class attribute for the link element.
Color class

Template Options

  • General

    • Use Template Defaults
    • Show Icons
      Display an icon next to the list item.
    • Show Description
      Shows the description (Attribute 1) for each list item.
    • Show Badges
      Show a badge (Attribute 2) to the right of the list item.
    • Apply Theme Colors
      Applies colors from the Theme's color palette to icons in the list.
  • Size

    • Default
    • Large
      Increases the size of the text and icons in the list.
  • Layout

    • Default
    • 2 Column Grid
    • 3 Column Grid
    • 4 Column Grid
    • 5 Column Grid
    • Span Horizontal
      Show all list items in one horizontal row.