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Page Templates define the layout and purpose of your pages. This page shows samples of all the available page templates. Universal Theme supports two types of Navigation Menus: tree-based navigation on the side, and tab-like navigation on the top.

Standard Page

The default page template. Ideal for home pages, dashboards, large reports, and other layouts where maximum screen real-estate is desired.

Set Standard as the Page Template

Left Side Column

Features a left-side display position for search filters, charts, and other interactive widgets.

Set Left Side Column as the Page Template

Right Side Column

This page template features a collapsible right-side display position and is especially useful for displaying action-oriented controls such as buttons or lists.

Set Right Side Column as the Page Template

Both Side Column

This page template features both the left side column and the collapsible right-side column and is well suited for very complex pages.

Set Left and Right Side Columns as the Page Template

Marquee Detail

This page template features a collapsible right side column and a title-bar area which contains primary information. This page template is well suited for displaying information about a master record with detailed reports or charts in the body.

Set Marquee Detail as the Page Template


These page templates can be loaded as either modal or non-modal (pop-up) dialogs and are very useful for displaying commonly used forms, reports, and other components.

Set Standard Dialog as the Page Template

Set Wizard Dialog as the Page Template


The Login page template provides an elegant user interface for your app's log in page.

The Minimal Page page template is useful for single page applications or pages where where navigation is not necessary.

Set Minimal (No Navigation) as the Page Template

Set Login as the Page Template