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This list template provides a list of links which can be used for navigation and other action-oriented tasks. You can optionally show badges, icons, sub list items, and more.

Set Links List as the List Template.


1. Default

Region Template Options

  • Use DefaultYes
  • Remove Body PaddingYes
  • Advanced Body OverflowScroll - Default
  • HeaderHidden

List Template Options

  • Use DefaultYes
  • Show Right ArrowYes

2. Variation A

List Template Options

  • Use DefaultYes
  • Show BadgesYes
  • Display IconsFor All Items

3. Variation B

List Template Options

  • Use DefaultYes
  • Display IconsFor Top Level Items Only

Substitution Strings

The badge
HTML Attributes for the link inside of the Links List item.
HTML Attributes for the Links List item.

Template Options

  • General

    • Use Template Defaults
    • Show Badges
      Show badge to right of link (requires Attribute 1 to be populated)
    • Show Right Arrow
      Show arrow to the right of link
    • Disable Text Wrapping
      Do not allow link text to wrap to new lines. Truncate with ellipsis.
  • Style

    • Default
    • Actions
      Render as actions to be placed on the right side column.
  • Display Icons

    • No Icons
    • For Top Level Items Only
      This will show icons for top level items of the list only. It will not show icons for sub lists.
    • For All Items