This application serves to demonstrate some of the examples I've blogged about, some experiments worthy enough to include, or perhaps examples required for OTN.
No doubt it will grow over time, but nowhere near as comprehensive as Jari Laine's or Denes Kubicek's :-).

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(March 2013): I've just switched to Theme 25 and I'm still making sure everything still works and looks ok
(April 2014): Tidied up the header somewhat, snazzed up the home page a little. Still haven't addressed wonkey item layout.
(Sept 2018): It's been a long time since I've put effort into keeping things structured in here, my bad.
I gave it a bit of a tidy, considering my blog linked to the old app

Happy coding!

Scott Wesley

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  • Nakhleh - Qatar · 6 months ago - Thu 19-MAY-2022 06:38  
    this great Job, I'm new with APEX I have a case to have checkbox same in "Emp Grid" and I have to perform an action on a button. could you please tell or share the code to do checkbox select/unselect all thanks a lot    
  • Jochen Rapp - Switzerland · 8 months ago - Mon 21-MAR-2022 12:47  
    Hi Scott, I have created a Demo site for a total different approach of doing reporting in Oracle. It is running in Oracle cloud and based on PL/SQL doing simple htp.p(...); My email address is: Basically it uses ERD diagrams for table selection and grids for reporting. If you click on the left side on folder "Human Resource" it will show a ERD digaram on top. You can then press the Grid [ ] link to select or de-select tables. Or you can also directly navigate to a table/view on the left-side like "Countries". With "Data Structure" in the header you can always show/hide the ERD. With "Technical Design" in the header you have a more technical view on the data design. The GRID in the bottom is very powerful and has a lot of features like: grouping, filtering, pivoting, creating diagrams,... Have fun/Jochen     
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    its imaging     
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    Want to learn (everthing) more about jQuery and Apex.    
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    I'm at the house coding    
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