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ARMS v3.2 is now up & running for Semester 1/ AY 2023-2024

The (ARMS)Academic Record Management System developed for the purpose of recording the detail assessment marking schemes for each classess such as quizzes, assignments, class participation, lab works, practical test, projects, midterm, and final examination results. The benefit of this system will help the advisors as well as the lecturers in monitoring the progress of their individual students and tracking their performances for each courses registered.

Furthermore the system will provide a statistical analysis such as individual or consolidated course and grade result report.

Current Features of SARS 1.5 Release 1.0:

  • SARS now running on a secured dedicated server located at NOC
  • New URL: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=sars & powered by Oracle APEX 20.2
  • All department student courses are now included in SARS
  • More flexible in terms of course assessment schemes with Score & Weighted settings
  • Seperate regions for course theory and practical assessment marks
  • User's password can be updated for more secured login
  • Separate Authentication Login priviledges as per academic role
  • Individual student's notification for undertaking and cheating cases Discontinued
  • SARS reports can be exported to MS Excel, PDF, & RTF formats
  • Comprehensive graph analysis as per needed
  • Student On-line Registration ( Foundation¬†Department ) Discontinued
  • Probation Calculation Scenario Postponed

New features in SARS v1.6 :

  • Re-designed Advisee Courses Tracking (P-Passed, F-Failed, R-Current Reg, TBR-To be Registered)- for timetable committee Discontinued ¬†
  • Graduation Students and Certificate Module (for graduation committee/Student Affairs Dept.)
  • Individual CRA (Grade Sheet) and GRA report generation
  • Consolidated GRA report generation
  • Comprehensive Department CRA's as per Level/Specialization

Additional features v2.0:

  • Consolidated CRA for Multiple Lecturer per sections (For Eng dept)
  • Student Postponement Tracking Discontinued
  • Separate CRA for Manual Registered Student/s
  • CRA for Resit Students
  • CRA for Change of Grades / Critical Case
  • GRA Consolidation for Continuous Assessments
  • Top Students Reports Generation (Level & Department-wised)(For Progress Committee)Discontinued
  • Comprehensive Course Projection Report Discontinued
  • Course Tracking for TBR Audit Trail Discontinued
  • Consolidated Advisee Remaining Courses Report Discontinued
  • Comprehensive OJT Projection Report Discontinued
  • Up-to-date student status (Course Withdraw, Postpone, Suspended, & Dismissed)(new)
  • Best of 2 quizzes assessment settings from 3 number of quizzes (new)
  • CW, Test1, Test2 (ME) and Test3 (FE) assessments settings / CRA for MATH courses (FPMT0001, MATH1102 & MATH1103) - (new)
  • Partial/Detail Marks Announcement Report(PDF)(new)
  • Percentage Absences and Warning Report(new)
  • Automated 2-Weeks Continuous Absences Report (new)
  • SARS (Projected Grade)-MMS (new)

SARS Release 2.0 Noticeable Features:

  • Running on Latest Oracle 19c Database - Oracle Apex 19.2
  • Enhanced Theme for more intuitive and responsive both for desktop and mobile web app
  • Updated Flexible Interactive Grid in Class Record Form

ARMS (Academic Record Management System)

ARMS Release 3.0 Features: Oracle Apex 21.1

  • New URL: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=arms-sll (new)
  • Student Grade Announcements(new)
  • Student Counselling(new)

ARMS Release 3.1 Features: Oracle Apex 22.1.3

  • Student Study Plan with Attendance Report (new)
  • CRA & GRA Printing Combined(new)
  • Unofficial Transcript of Record (developing)

ARMS Release 3.2 Features: Oracle Apex 23.1

  • Result Comparative Analysis (AY/Semester-wised; Department-wised; Level-Wised) (new)

Sample Reports Generated from SARS