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You can easily update your applicaion to use the latest version of Universal Theme and keep current with the latest features, enhancements and bug fixes. Simply follow the steps outlined on this page to get your application's theme refreshed.

Backup Reminder

Before you begin, please create back up your application. You can do this by exporting your application, or by creating a copy of it.

Migration Steps

To begin the Theme upgrade process, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Shared ComponentsThemes
  2. Verify that the Subscribed From column for Universal Theme says Theme Repository
  3. Click on Universal Theme
  4. Click Verify in the Theme Subscription region header
  5. Click Verify in the Verify Theme Subscription Dialog
  6. Click Refresh Theme
  7. Click OK

You can also follow this gif video to see how it is done.

Theme Migration Video