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You can easily update your applicaion to use the latest version of Universal Theme and keep current with the latest features, enhancements and bug fixes. Simply follow the steps outlined on this page to get your application's theme refreshed.

Backup Reminder

Before you begin, please create back up your application. You can do this by exporting your application, or by creating a copy of it.

1. Refresh Universal Theme

First, you will need to refresh Universal Theme in your application so it is updated to the most current version.

  1. Navigate to Shared ComponentsThemes
  2. Verify that the Subscribed From column for Universal Theme says Theme Repository
  3. Click on Universal Theme
  4. Click Verify in the Theme Subscription region header
  5. Click Verify in the Verify Theme Subscription Dialog
  6. Click Refresh Theme
  7. Click OK

2. Re-apply your Theme Style

Once you refresh Universal Theme, the current theme style for your application will be reset to Vita.

If your application was using a custom theme style, please follow these steps to set your custom theme style as current:

  1. Run your application
  2. Open Theme Roller from the Developer Toolbar
  3. Select your custom theme style from the Style select list
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Save again in the Save confirmation dialog, then click OK
  6. In Theme Roller, click Set as Current, then click OK
  7. Close Theme Roller

NOTE: It is crucial that you re-save your custom theme style. This is necessary because Theme Roller will need to re-compile the css based upon the latest changes to the underlying theme.

That's it. Your custom theme style has been re-applied to your application and set as the current theme style.

Lost Subscriptions

It is recommended that Universal Theme remain subscribed so that you can easily refresh it to receive updates upon new releases of APEX. If for some reason your application was unsubscribed or unlocked, you can restore the subscription by following these steps.

Restoring Universal Theme Subscription

Follow these steps to restore the Universal Theme subscription and refresh it based on the latest release.

NOTE: You will lose any changes or customizations made to templates within Universal Theme.

  1. Navigate to Shared ComponentsThemes
  2. Verify that the Subscribed From column for Universal Theme says Theme Repository
  3. Click on Restore Theme Subscription from the side bar.
  4. Set Theme Source to Oracle Theme
  5. Set Master Theme to 42. Universal Theme
  6. Set Match Template to By Template Identifier
  7. Click Restore Subscription

This process will refresh the Universal Theme in your application based on master copy from the release of APEX. Your theme style will also be reset to Vita. If you were using a custom theme stle, you can follow the steps outlined above to re-apply your custom theme style.