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You can use the following utility classes anywhere in your app to fine-tune the layout of your page and components. For most Oracle APEX components, you can simply populate the CSS Classes property to apply these modifiers to your page components.

Text Alignment

These classes are direction aware, meaning the text direction will be based on the direction of the language. For example, text using the u-textStart class will align text to the left for Left-to-Right languages, and will align text to the right for Right-to-Left languages.


Class Description
u-textStartAlign text to the start of the container
u-textCenterAlign text to the center of the container
u-textEndAlign text to the end of the container

Text Transform

These classes are useful when you want to control the text case for a given component. For example, an input field where you want characters to display in upper case.


Class Description
u-textUpperSets the text to use all uppercase
u-textLowerSets the text to use all lowercase
u-textInitCapSets the first letter in each word to use uppercase

Text Style

Use these classes as simple modifiers to control the text style of a given component. For example, you may want to use the u-bold to make the text of a button have a stronger weight.


Class Description
u-boldBolds text
u-italicsItalicize text
u-underlineUnderlines text
u-fixedFontUse a fixed-letter-space font


These classes can help you build more accessible apps and help you design a more usable experience for all users.


Class Description
u-VisuallyHiddenThis will make any text visually hidden, but still accessible for screen readers and other assistive technologies.