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Template Changes

  • New Inline Drawer region template
  • New Drawer page template
  • Misc Accessibility changes
  • Added aria-current to list templates where needed
  • Collapsible region now uses a button wrapping the region title, faux button to keep current behavior/styles
  • Title Bar region updated to use <nav>
  • Button container removed region title from <h1> this is now used with aria-label
  • Button template options that hide label more accessible to screen readers
  • Main navigation now correctly sets the side navigation to hidden when collapsed
  • Added aria-hidden="true" to icons in regions
  • Hamburger menu label changed from "Expand / Collapse Navigation" to "Main Navigation"

Template Options

  • Button modifier for hide icon on desktop added
  • Button icon position now defaults to left instead of right
  • Added Dialog Size: None to Inline Dialog (now consistent with Modal Dialog)
  • Added inline scripts to help prevent layout shift on page load
  • Added Smart Filter custom position to Title Bar
  • Added Smart Filter custom position to Hero

Page Template Changes

  • New Position for After Logo
  • New Position for Before Navigation Bar
  • New Position for After Navigation Bar
  • Renamed Content Body to Body
  • Renamed Page Header to Banner
  • Renamed Page Navigation to Top Navigation
  • Renamed Before Content Body to Full Width Content
  • Renamed Inline Dialogs to Dialogs, Drawers and Popups
  • Enabled Items and Buttons in Footer

CSS Changes

  • Header Accent Changed to Primary Accent
  • Header Bottom Border (better support for white header)
  • Header Small Shadow
  • Header buttons removed border and active inner shadow
  • Button Border color changed from rgba(0,0,0,.15) to rgba(0,0,0,.075);
  • Button Box shadow added for normal state
  • Button icon spacing changed from 4px to 6px
  • Region Border radius changed from 2px to 4px
  • Region header buttons right padding changed from 8px to 12px (now consistent with other sides)
  • Region header buttons now have padding on top and bottom so they do not touch large button variations
  • Region Shadow added
  • Alert Shadow added
  • Alert font weight changed from normal to semibold
  • Tabs & RDS active tab font weight changed from normal to semibold
  • Content Block (Light/Shaded) Shadow added
  • Primary color changed to #056AC8
  • Warning color changed to #FFC628
  • Success color changed to #278701
  • Danger color changed to #CB1100
  • Info changed to new primary color
  • Title Bar/Hero font weight changed from normal to semibold
  • Removed DevToolbar button color overrides
  • Added support for reduced motion on dialogs/login split
  • Added spacing between radio/checkbox items
  • Increased spacing between radio/checkbox and label
  • Added custom scrollbar back to Side Navigation
  • Updated focus shadow on TreeNav to be inset
  • Added the ability to enlarge the input-font-size on mobile.
  • Added new variables for breadcrumb links controlled by theme roller
  • Added placeholder styles for Top Navigation Menu (faster loading)

Bug Fixes

  • Hammer.js scoped so native touch gestures will now work across the app. Enabling gestures such as zooming in and out.
  • Hero Body now has grid support
  • Carousel swipe gesture reversed
  • Sidebar Navigation overflow/scroll/focus fixed (Moved overflow back to t-Body-nav from t-TreeNav)
  • Fixed incorrect icon color on fields
  • Fixed breadcrumb region title not displaying inline when shrunk