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You can easily create a popup menu in your application by using Lists and associating a button with the menu. To create a popup menu in your application, you must first have a list region on your page which contains the menu items. Then you need to associate a button on your page with the menu so it will open the menu when clicked.


Step 1. Create a Menu list region
  1. Create a List Region
  2. Set the Region Template to Blank with Attributes
  3. Set the Static ID to actions
  4. Set the List Template for this region to Menu Popup
Step 2. Associate a Button to open the menu
  1. Create a Button on the page
  2. Update Behavior to Defined by Dynamic Action
  3. Update CSS Classes to add the class js-menuButton
  4. Update Custom Attributes to add data-menu="actions_menu"

Multi Level Menu Example

Pop up menus can have many levels. This menu demonstrates a menu with several sub menus.

Customized Menu

This example shows a customized menu which has icons and a separator item that can help group menu items together. This menu also has a callout that points to the menu button.