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Your customers launch your PWA app and start working immediately with the persistent authentication setting. Users sign in once and stay signed in for a fixed period of time.

Increased engagement

Let your users to choose to stay signed in and get them back into your app faster. When their session expires, a new one is automatically created.

Secured by default

The persistent authentication settings are configurable through the APEX admin instance and it can be disabled at any moment, giving you control over your system.

Using the API

The persistent authentication is enabled for new PWAs. Change your existing applications to use persistent authentication through the extended apex_authentication.login API.


APEX_AUTHENTICATION.LOGIN ( p_username IN VARCHAR2, p_password IN VARCHAR2, p_set_persistent_auth IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE );

Manage Instance

Persistent authentication has to be enabled at the instance level.

APEX Admin Instance


  1. Sign in to your APEX instance as admin
  2. Go to Manage Instance
  3. Go to Security
  4. Set Allow Persistent Auth to Yes
  5. Set the lifetime duration for the automatic session renewal, in days
  • Note: has this enabled for demo purposes


Without persistent authentication, APEX login screens typically contain a Remember Username checkbox. With persistent authentication, users see a Remember me checkbox instead.

Login page (Default)

Login page with PWA