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An app icon is a visual representation that identifies an APEX PWA application on a device's home screen or taskbar. A well-designed app icon can help to establish brand identity and improve the user experience by providing easy recognition and quick access to the app when this is installed. An effective icon should be simple, recognizable, and visually appealing, with a clear representation of the app's purpose or function.

App Icon

Every APEX application comes with an icon that you can customize to give your app a unique look and feel. You can either choose an icon from a list of options provided or upload your own icon for a more personalized experience. The app icon serves as the PWA icon, appears on the application login page, favicon, and builder app icon.

To ensure that your PWA icon looks great on all devices, APEX generates five different icon formats when you upload a file: 32x32, 144x144, 192x192, 256x256, and 512x512. Each icon format has a specific use case, and by providing these different sizes, APEX ensures that your app looks visually appealing on all platforms.

Managing App Icon


  1. In the App Builder click Shared Components
  2. Click User Interface Attributes
  3. Click Change Icon button
  4. Choose a predefined icon and color or upload, resize, and crop a custom icon
  5. Click Save Icon
  6. Your app icon gets saved in three formats (32x32, 144x144 rounded, 192x192, 256x256 rounded and 512x512)

PWA Shortcuts

Oracle APEX Progressive Web App shortcuts provide a convenient way for users to access specific pages within the application.

On touch-enabled devices, users can simply long-press on the home screen app icon to access the shortcuts.

For non-touch devices, such as computers, users can right-click on the taskbar app icon to access the same feature.

By providing these shortcuts, Oracle APEX enhances the user experience and makes it easier for users to quickly access the pages they need within the PWA.


This table shows the supported combinations of operating systems and browsers for the PWA Shortcuts feature.

Chrome Edge Firefox Safari
Android Yes Yes No N/A
iOS No No No No
macOS Yes Yes No No
Windows Yes Yes No N/A

Last updated: April 2023

Managing Shortcuts


  1. In the App Builder click Shared Components
  2. Click Progressive Web App
  3. Turn on Enable Progressive Web App and Installable
  4. Choose if shortcuts are enabled for Public Sessions or All Sessions
  5. Click Add Shortcut button
  6. Type a name and select the page target
  7. Upload your shortcut icon file or or leave the default
  8. Click Create


PWA Shortcuts on macOS


  1. Install APEX PWA on a Desktop device
  2. Locate app icon in task bar
  3. Right click app icon
  4. See PWA shortcuts

PWA Shortcuts on Android


  1. Install APEX PWA on an Android device
  2. Locate app icon in the home screen
  3. Long-press on app icon
  4. See PWA shortcuts