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For your APEX PWA application to be installable, it must:

  • Enable Friendly URLs
  • Use HTTPS

New Application

To take advantage of PWA capabilities when developing your APEX application, simply select the Install Progressive Web App feature when creating a new application.


Creating a new APEX PWA


  1. In App Builder, click Create
  2. Select New Application
  3. Fill the required fields for creating a new application
  4. Under Features, select Install Progressive Web App checkbox
  5. Click Create Application

Existing Application

To activate PWA functionality for your existing APEX application, you can enable two options located in the "General" section of the Progressive Web App settings page. By switching on these options, you can make your app installable on user's devices, and provide them with a more native app-like experience


Editing an APEX PWA


  1. Edit your application
  2. Go to Shared Components
  3. Go to Progressive Web App
  4. Under General, enable Progressive Web App switch
    • This adds a default service worker to your application
  5. Under General, enable Installable switch
    • This adds a default web app manifest to your application, and a new Install App navigation bar entry users can click to install the app
  6. (Optional) Configure PWA attributes