Marquee Feature: JavaScript / API Enhancements

(-) JavaScript / API Enhancements967Enhancements made to JavaScript and associated APIs.
... API to check status of build option957EA2Build options are shared components in an APEX application used to enable / disable functionality. In APEX 4.1.1, there was an API added to set the build option. In APEX 4.2, we need to also provide an API to get back the status of a specified build option.
... Provide application configuration for inclusion of legacy JavaScript functions927EA1In development of a cut-down JavaScript library for 4.2, we have moved many old JavaScript functions out to a legacy JavaScript file. This is currently 23KB, and ever increasing as we continue work on the library. This feature will allow the customer to control whether they want to include these legacy functions in their applications, and also how we deal with migration and defaulting.

"Include Legacy JavaScript" option in Application Properties - If set to "Yes", we will include the legacy JS functions in our combined JS deployment file for that application. If set to "No", we will include a different combined JS deployment file that does not include these functions.
Existing applications will default to "Yes" for backwards compatibility, in case the customer may have used some of these functions in their own applications.
New applications will default to "No".
Customers will then be able to configure this in their applications, such that if they are happy that existing applications do not contain any references to these functions, they can switch this to "No". Alternatively of course, if a customer wants to build a new application, and perhaps still include the legacy functions, they can set this to "Yes".
... Write better AJAX functions (htmldb_Get is outdated)870EA1Added the following methods to the APEX JavaScript library

apex.server.plugin: Used to call the AJAX callback function of a plug-in
apex.server.pluginUrl: Used to return a URL, that can be used to issue a GET request to the PL/SQL AJAX function which has been defined for a plug-in.
apex.server.process: Used to call an on-demand process on page or application level
apex.widget.util.cascadingLov: Helper function for easier handling of cascading lov item type plug-ins

See API documentation for details.
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