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Button Groups are a series of buttons that appear together to make a single conrol. You can create button groups in APEX using the button component, or as a customized radio group page item.

Using Page Buttons

You can turn a set of buttons into a button group simply by modifying the template options. Follow these instructions to create a simple button group of the following three buttons.

Step 1. Create three buttons in the same button position
Step 2. Update each of the buttons' Template Options as follows
  1. Button A: set Button Set to First Button
  2. Button B: set Button Set to Inner Button
  3. Button C: set Button Set to Last Button

Additional Example

You can have any number of buttons within a button group. Here is an example of a music player toolbar styled the same method.

Using Page Items

You can also style the radio button or checkbox items to appear as a Button Group. This is particularly useful when you want to use store the selection in Session State and if you want to Dynamic Actions to perform some client side behavior as you interact with the control.

For example, in several Packaged Apps, this technique is used to switch between different displays of the same data.

Follow the instrutions below to convert a Radio Group item into a Button Group.

Step 1. Create a Radio Group item and set the following properties:
  1. Set Number of Columns to the number of buttons you want to have in the button group. In this example, it is set to 3.
  2. Under List of Values, make sure that Display Extra Values and Display Null Value are set to No

After competing this step, you should have a button group that looks like the item below.

Step 2. Update the Radio Group item's Template Options and set Item Group Display to Display as Pill Button

That's it. Your Radio Group item will now appear as a Button Group.