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Content Row is a Classic Report template that is suitable for displaying most types of content. This report features a column for selection such as a checkbox or radio button, an icon, title and description, miscellaneous attributes, and actions.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Classic Report
  4. Under the Attributes tab
    1. Find Appearance → Template, use Content Row


Template Options

Column Names

Use this to display a button or other actions
Description or text of the content
Icon of the content row. Please prefix with "fa" when using Font APEX.
Use this to display custom HTML in place of the icon, for example an image tag.
CSS Class-based modifiers for the content row item
This displays adjacent actions column and can be used for showing user information or last updated date.
Use this to add a checkbox or radio button for selection
Title column, typically the link

Sample SQL Query

  null item_classes,
  null selection,
  case t.status 
    when 'Open' then 'fa fa-lg fa-exclamation-circle-o'
    when 'Closed' then 'fa fa-lg fa-check-circle u-success-text'
    when 'On-Hold' then 'fa fa-lg fa-minus-circle u-danger-text'
    when 'Pending' then 'fa fa-lg fa-exclamation-triangle u-warning-text'
  end icon_class,
  null icon_html,
  t.task_name title,
  'Project: ' || p.project description,
  t.status misc,
  null actions
  eba_ut_chart_tasks t,
  eba_ut_chart_projects p
  t.project =
order by p.created