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Dynamic Content region is based on PL/SQL enable you to render any HTML or text using the PL/SQL Web Toolkit, with Dynamic Content Region you can control the region performance and contains support for MLE.

Set Dynamic Content as the Region type.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Dynamic Content
    2. Find Appearance → Template, use Blank with Attributes


  • End-user Training (John Watson)
  • Identify server requirements (John Watson)
  • Specify security authentication scheme(s) (John Watson)
  • Create pilot workspace (John Watson)

Sample Code


 cursor c_tasks is
   select task_name, assigned_to
     from eba_ut_chart_tasks
    where rownum < 5;
    '); for a in c_tasks loop sys.htp.p('
  • ' || apex_escape.html(a.task_name) || ' (' || apex_escape.html(a.assigned_to) || ')
  • ' ); end loop; sys.htp.p('
'); end;