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Cards Regions are useful for presenting a variety of information in small blocks and can be heavily customized. They can be displayed in three styles, with icons or initials, images as part of the body or as the background, to enhance each card presentation and you can control the layout.

Actions can be added to each card's image, title, subtitle, as new buttons or even using the entire card to enhance user experience.


With All Attributes, Buttons and Pagination

With Backgrounds

With Badges

With Image First

With Grid Layout

Sample SQL Query

  -- data
  card_primary_key,    -- primary key
  card_secondary_key,  -- secondary key if needed
  card_title,          -- title
  card_subtitle,       -- subtitle
  card_body,           -- card body text
  card_secondary_body, -- card secondary text, positioned near bottom

  -- ui and other attributes
  card_icon,           -- icon class, e.g. fa-cloud
  card_badge,          -- badge, can be a small text
  card_image           -- image url, url or blob columns
from dual