Interactive Reports provide powerful features for customizing your report such as searching, filtering, sorting, highlighting, group-by, pivot, aggregations, calculations, charting, and more.

Create a new Region with Interactive Report as the region type.

You can further enhance Interactive Reports by using the Interactive Report region template, and enable template options such as Show Maximize Button.

Set Interactive Report as the region template.


1. Simple

Simple Interactive Report

Task nameStart dateStatusAssigned to
Decommission servers29-APR-37PendingAl Bines
Measure effectiveness of improved QA29-APR-37PendingMyra Sutcliff
Response to Customer Feedback29-APR-37PendingRuss Saunders
User acceptance testing14-MAY-37PendingRuss Saunders
End-user Training16-JUN-37PendingMyra Sutcliff
Rollout sample applications19-AUG-37PendingPam King
Installation01-MAY-37PendingMark Nile
Notify users02-JUN-37PendingMark Nile
Plan production release schedule19-MAR-37ClosedPam King
Complete questionnaire15-MAR-37On-HoldIrene Jones
Select servers for Development, Test, Production29-JAN-37ClosedJames Cassidy
HR Support Systems27-JAN-37ClosedAl Bines
HR software upgrades27-JAN-37On-HoldPam King
Arrange for vacation coverage27-JAN-37On-HoldRuss Sanders
Complete plan03-FEB-37ClosedMark Nile
Check software licenses09-MAR-37ClosedMark Nile
Create training workspace26-FEB-37ClosedJames Cassidy
Publish links to self-study courses26-FEB-37ClosedJohn Watson
Identify point solutions required28-FEB-37ClosedJohn Watson
Install in development04-MAR-37ClosedJohn Watson
Identify owners14-FEB-37ClosedHank Davis
Initial Draft Review18-FEB-37ClosedHank Davis
Monitor Review Comments18-FEB-37ClosedHank Davis
Implement bug tracking software10-FEB-37ClosedMyra Sutcliff
Review automated testing tools11-FEB-37ClosedMyra Sutcliff
Identify pilot applications05-FEB-37ClosedMark Nile
Migrate pilot applications to 15-FEB-37ClosedMark Nile
Customize Software Projects software13-MAR-38OpenTom Suess
Post-migration review26-FEB-37ClosedMark Nile
User acceptance testing28-FEB-37ClosedMark Nile
Enter base data (Projects, Milestones, etc.)07-MAR-37ClosedTom Suess
Load current tasks and enhancements09-MAR-37ClosedTom Suess
Document quality assurance procedures13-MAR-37On-HoldMyra Sutcliff
Conduct project kickoff meeting02-MAR-37ClosedPam King
Determine host server03-MAR-37ClosedTiger Scott
Check software licenses04-MAR-37ClosedTom Suess
Identify pilot users02-MAR-37ClosedScott Spencer
Software Deliverable04-MAR-37ClosedScott Spencer
Early Adopter Release18-MAR-37ClosedPam King
Determine midtier configuration(s)28-JAN-37ClosedJames Cassidy
Manage Training Activities23-FEB-37On-HoldJohn Watson
Review feedback06-APR-37On-HoldIrene Jones
Plan rollout schedule13-APR-37On-HoldIrene Jones
Plan rollout schedule07-MAR-37On-HoldAl Bines
Develop web pages07-APR-37On-HoldTiger Scott
Purchase additional software licenses, if needed15-MAY-37On-HoldTom Suess
Investigate new Virus Protection software26-MAR-37OpenPam King
Get RFPs for new server10-MAR-37OpenMark Nile
Collect mission-critical spreadsheets12-MAR-37OpenPam King
Create applications from spreadsheets12-MAR-37OpenPam King
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2. Customized

This Interactive Report has been customized with cell highlighting and a control break on the Assigned To column. In addition, the region template has the Show Maximize Button template option enabled, allowing you to maximize this report to fill the screen.

Customized Interactive Report

Assigned to : Al Bines
LinkTask nameStart dateAscendingStatus
HR Support Systems27-JAN-37Closed
Plan rollout schedule07-MAR-37On-Hold
Decommission servers29-APR-37Pending
Assigned to : Hank Davis
 Task nameStart dateStatus
Identify owners14-FEB-37Closed
Initial Draft Review18-FEB-37Closed
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3. Icon View

Icon Interactive Report

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Button Positions

You can place buttons in the toolbar by setting the button position to Right of Interactive Report Search Bar.

Interactive Report with Buttons

Task nameStart dateStatusAssigned toStatus icon
Decommission servers29-APR-37 PendingAl Binesfa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Measure effectiveness of improved QA29-APR-37 PendingMyra Sutclifffa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Response to Customer Feedback29-APR-37 PendingRuss Saundersfa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
User acceptance testing14-MAY-37 PendingRuss Saundersfa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
End-user Training16-JUN-37 PendingMyra Sutclifffa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Rollout sample applications19-AUG-37 PendingPam Kingfa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Installation01-MAY-37 PendingMark Nilefa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Notify users02-JUN-37 PendingMark Nilefa-exclamation-triangle is-pending
Plan production release schedule19-MAR-37 ClosedPam Kingfa-check-circle is-closed
Complete questionnaire15-MAR-37 On-HoldIrene Jonesfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Select servers for Development, Test, Production29-JAN-37 ClosedJames Cassidyfa-check-circle is-closed
HR Support Systems27-JAN-37 ClosedAl Binesfa-check-circle is-closed
HR software upgrades27-JAN-37 On-HoldPam Kingfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Arrange for vacation coverage27-JAN-37 On-HoldRuss Sandersfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Complete plan03-FEB-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
Check software licenses09-MAR-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
Create training workspace26-FEB-37 ClosedJames Cassidyfa-check-circle is-closed
Publish links to self-study courses26-FEB-37 ClosedJohn Watsonfa-check-circle is-closed
Identify point solutions required28-FEB-37 ClosedJohn Watsonfa-check-circle is-closed
Install in development04-MAR-37 ClosedJohn Watsonfa-check-circle is-closed
Identify owners14-FEB-37 ClosedHank Davisfa-check-circle is-closed
Initial Draft Review18-FEB-37 ClosedHank Davisfa-check-circle is-closed
Monitor Review Comments18-FEB-37 ClosedHank Davisfa-check-circle is-closed
Implement bug tracking software10-FEB-37 ClosedMyra Sutclifffa-check-circle is-closed
Review automated testing tools11-FEB-37 ClosedMyra Sutclifffa-check-circle is-closed
Identify pilot applications05-FEB-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
Migrate pilot applications to 15-FEB-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
Customize Software Projects software13-MAR-38 OpenTom Suessfa-clock-o is-open
Post-migration review26-FEB-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
User acceptance testing28-FEB-37 ClosedMark Nilefa-check-circle is-closed
Enter base data (Projects, Milestones, etc.)07-MAR-37 ClosedTom Suessfa-check-circle is-closed
Load current tasks and enhancements09-MAR-37 ClosedTom Suessfa-check-circle is-closed
Document quality assurance procedures13-MAR-37 On-HoldMyra Sutclifffa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Conduct project kickoff meeting02-MAR-37 ClosedPam Kingfa-check-circle is-closed
Determine host server03-MAR-37 ClosedTiger Scottfa-check-circle is-closed
Check software licenses04-MAR-37 ClosedTom Suessfa-check-circle is-closed
Identify pilot users02-MAR-37 ClosedScott Spencerfa-check-circle is-closed
Software Deliverable04-MAR-37 ClosedScott Spencerfa-check-circle is-closed
Early Adopter Release18-MAR-37 ClosedPam Kingfa-check-circle is-closed
Determine midtier configuration(s)28-JAN-37 ClosedJames Cassidyfa-check-circle is-closed
Manage Training Activities23-FEB-37 On-HoldJohn Watsonfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Review feedback06-APR-37 On-HoldIrene Jonesfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Plan rollout schedule13-APR-37 On-HoldIrene Jonesfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Plan rollout schedule07-MAR-37 On-HoldAl Binesfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Develop web pages07-APR-37 On-HoldTiger Scottfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Purchase additional software licenses, if needed15-MAY-37 On-HoldTom Suessfa-exclamation-circle is-holding
Investigate new Virus Protection software26-MAR-37 OpenPam Kingfa-clock-o is-open
Get RFPs for new server10-MAR-37 OpenMark Nilefa-clock-o is-open
Collect mission-critical spreadsheets12-MAR-37 OpenPam Kingfa-clock-o is-open
Create applications from spreadsheets12-MAR-37 OpenPam Kingfa-clock-o is-open
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Template Options

  • General

    • Use Template Defaults
    • Remove Borders
      Removes borders around the Interactive Report
    • Show Maximize Button
      Displays a button in the Interactive Reports toolbar to maximize the report. Clicking this button will toggle the maximize state and stretch the report to fill the screen.
  • Advanced

    Item Padding

    Sets the padding around items within this region.

    • Default
    • Slim Padding
      Reduces form item padding to 4px.
    • Remove Padding
      Removes padding between items.
  • Advanced

    Item Size

    Sets the size of the form items within this region.

    • Default
    • Large
    • X Large
  • Advanced

    Item Width

    Sets the width of the form items within this region.

    • Default
    • Stretch Form Fields
  • Advanced

    Label Alignment

    Set the label text alignment for items within this region.

    • Right
    • Left
      Align form labels to left.
  • Advanced

    Label Position

    Sets the position of the label relative to the form item.

    • Inline - Default
    • Show Form Labels Above
      Show form labels above input fields.
  • Advanced

    Top Margin

    Set the top margin for this region.

    • Default
    • None
      Removes the top margin for this region.
    • Small
      Adds a small top margin to the region.
    • Medium
      Adds a medium top margin to the region.
    • Large
      Adds a large top margin to the region.
  • Advanced

    Bottom Margin

    Set the bottom margin for this region.

    • Default
    • None
      Removes the bottom margin for this region.
    • Small
      Adds a small bottom margin to the region.
    • Medium
      Adds a medium bottom margin to the region.
    • Large
      Adds a large bottom margin to the region.
  • Advanced

    Left Margin

    Set the left margin for this region.

    • Default
    • None
      Removes the left margin from the region.
    • Small
      Adds a small left margin to the region.
    • Medium
      Adds a medium right margin to the region.
    • Large
      Adds a large right margin to the region.
  • Advanced

    Right Margin

    Set the right margin for this region.

    • Default
    • None
      Removes the right margin from the region.
    • Small
      Adds a small right margin to the region.
    • Medium
      Adds a medium right margin to the region.
    • Large
      Adds a large right margin to the region.