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A smart filters page features a single search field with filters at the top of the page and a report. Each filter displays as a suggestion chip with a single count of how often the specific suggestion value occurs.

You can create a smart filters page with either the Create Application Wizard or Create Page Wizard, or add a smart filters region to an existing report in Page Designer.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Smart Filters
    2. Find Appearance → Template, use Blank with Attributes (No Grid)


Search Results

Arrange for vacation coverageOn-Hold15-JUN-2314-AUG-23Russ Sanders95007000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Check software licensesClosed21-JUL-2321-JUL-23Tom Suess100100TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Check software licensesClosed26-JUL-2327-JUL-23Mark Nile200200TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Collect mission-critical spreadsheetsOpen29-JUL-2329-SEP-23Pam King25004000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Complete planClosed22-JUN-2328-JUL-23Mark Nile30001500TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Complete questionnaireOn-Hold01-AUG-2315-AUG-22Irene Jones1200800TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Conduct project kickoff meetingClosed19-JUL-2319-JUL-23Pam King100100TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Configure Workspace provisioningClosed24-JUN-2324-JUN-23John Watson200100TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Convert processesPending16-SEP-2314-NOV-23Pam King03000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Create applications from spreadsheetsOpen29-JUL-2312-JAN-24Pam King600010000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Create pilot workspaceClosed24-JUN-2324-JUN-23John Watson100100TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Create training workspaceClosed15-JUL-2322-JUL-23James Cassidy500700TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Customize Software Projects softwareOpen29-JUL-2403-SEP-23Tom Suess6001000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Customize solutionsOpen22-JUL-2314-OCT-23John Watson15004000TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM
Decommission machinesPending22-AUG-2322-AUG-23Scott Spencer0100TOUFIQ15-AUG-23 PM

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