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Interactive Reports provide powerful features for customizing your report such as searching, filtering, sorting, highlighting, group-by, pivot, aggregations, calculations, charting, and more.

Create a new Region with Interactive Report as the region type.

You can further enhance Interactive Reports by using the Interactive Report region template, and enable template options such as Show Maximize Button.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Interactive Report
    2. Find Appearance → Template, use Interactive Report


Task nameStart dateStatusAssigned to
End-user Training11-AUG-23OpenJohn Watson
Identify server requirements15-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson
Specify security authentication scheme(s)17-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson
Create pilot workspace24-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson
Configure Workspace provisioning24-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson
Run installation25-JUN-23ClosedJames Cassidy
  • 1 - 6

Template Options

Button Positions

You can place buttons in the toolbar by setting the button position to Right of Interactive Report Search Bar.

Task nameStart dateStatusAssigned to
End-user Training11-AUG-23 OpenJohn Watson
Identify server requirements15-JUN-23 ClosedJohn Watson
Specify security authentication scheme(s)17-JUN-23 ClosedJohn Watson
Create pilot workspace24-JUN-23 ClosedJohn Watson
Configure Workspace provisioning24-JUN-23 ClosedJohn Watson
Run installation25-JUN-23 ClosedJames Cassidy
  • 1 - 6