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The Region Display Selector is a Region component that provides a page level navigation control for other regions on the page with the Region Display Selector property set to Yes. It can be configured to work in two modes:

  • View Single Region Show regions as tabs. Selecting a tab will make the corresponding region visible and hide the other selections.
  • Scroll Window Always display all the regions on the page. Selecting a tab will scroll your window to the corresponding region.

The Remember Selection attribute of a Region Display Selector can be set to control which tab is selected on page load:

  • By User Tab selection will always be remembered across all sessions unless intentionally reset.
  • By Session Tab selection will be remembered for the duration of a single session. Once a session ends, tab selection will be reset.
  • No Tab selection will be set to the first tab in the Region Display Selector every time the page loads.

Region Display Selector also supports displaying icons in each tab with the Display Icon attribute. Any region that is included in the Region Display Selector and has the Icon property set will have that icon displayed.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Region Display Selector
    2. Find Appearance → Template, use Blank with Attributes

Then in Page Designer, select the regions that should appear on the Region Display Selector and set the Region Display Selector property to Yes.

It is recommended to place a Region Display Selector region in the Breadcrumb position on your page.

Region 1

Region 1 content

Region 2

Region 2 content

Region 3

Region 3 content

Region 4

Region 4 content

Region 5

Region 5 content