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The Avatar partial is useful for displaying an icon, image, or initials within a region. This partial can be used to display a single avatar, or can be applied in report templates to display an avatar for each report row.

Demo: Interactive Report

Fernanda Mendezfernanda.mendez@yourcompany.comProduct Manager Fe
Krist Grohlk.grohl@yourcompany.comQuality Manager Kr
Charles Statmancharlie.s@yourcompany.comQA Specialist Ch
Susan Parrishsusan.parrish@yourcompany.comSoftware Developer Su
Johnnathan Briejohnathan.b@yourcompany.comTeam Lead Jo
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Demo: Classic Report

Fernanda Mendezfernanda.mendez@yourcompany.comProduct Manager
Krist Grohlk.grohl@yourcompany.comQuality Manager
Charles Statmancharlie.s@yourcompany.comQA Specialist
Susan Parrishsusan.parrish@yourcompany.comSoftware Developer
Johnnathan Briejohnathan.b@yourcompany.comTeam Lead