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Faceted search allows you to filter different columns on the left side of the page and report on the right side of the page, to get only the data that you need.

You can create a faceted search page with either the Create Application Wizard or Create Page Wizard.


  1. In Page Designer, select a region
  2. Go to the Property Editor
  3. Under the Region tab
    1. Find Identification → Type, use Faceted Search
    2. Find Appearance → Template, use Standard



Search Results

753End-user Training211-AUG-2306-OCT-23OpenJohn Watson0
1161Identify server requirements215-JUN-2316-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson100
1161Specify security authentication scheme(s)217-JUN-2319-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson200
1161Create pilot workspace224-JUN-2324-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson100
11Configure Workspace provisioning224-JUN-2324-JUN-23ClosedJohn Watson200
1157Run installation225-JUN-2325-JUN-23ClosedJames Cassidy100
1467Obtain equipment specifications217-AUG-2320-AUG-23PendingJames Cassidy0
344Purchase backup server226-AUG-2321-SEP-23PendingMark Nile0
1467Identify integration points222-AUG-2311-SEP-23PendingMark Nile0
14Decommission machines222-AUG-2322-AUG-23PendingScott Spencer0
1467Map data usage203-SEP-2316-OCT-23PendingMark Nile0
1467Purchase new machines208-OCT-2302-NOV-23PendingJohn Watson0
1467Import data209-OCT-2305-NOV-23PendingJohn Watson0
1467Convert processes216-SEP-2314-NOV-23PendingPam King0
14Decommission servers215-SEP-2313-DEC-23PendingAl Bines0

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