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The Badge partial is useful for displaying badges or counters. This partial can be used to display a single badge, or can be applied in report templates to display a badge for each report row.

Demo: Interactive Report

Task NameStart DateEnd DateStatusBudget
End-user Training11-AUG06-OCT Open $2,000.00
Identify server requirements15-JUN16-JUN Closed $200.00
Specify security authentication scheme(s)17-JUN19-JUN Closed $300.00
Create pilot workspace24-JUN24-JUN Closed $100.00
Configure Workspace provisioning24-JUN24-JUN Closed $100.00
Run installation25-JUN25-JUN Closed $100.00
Obtain equipment specifications17-AUG20-AUG Pending $500.00
Purchase backup server26-AUG21-SEP Pending $3,000.00
Identify integration points22-AUG11-SEP Pending $2,000.00
Decommission machines22-AUG22-AUG Pending $100.00
Map data usage03-SEP16-OCT Pending $8,000.00
Purchase new machines08-OCT02-NOV Pending $2,500.00
Import data09-OCT05-NOV Pending $1,000.00
Convert processes16-SEP14-NOV Pending $3,000.00
Decommission servers15-SEP13-DEC Pending $500.00
Measure effectiveness of improved QA15-SEP15-OCT Pending $1,500.00
Response to Customer Feedback15-SEP07-JAN Pending $6,000.00
User acceptance testing30-SEP02-JAN Pending $2,500.00
End-user Training02-NOV14-JAN Pending $2,500.00
Rollout sample applications05-JAN16-JAN Pending $500.00
Installation17-SEP17-OCT Pending $1,500.00
Notify users19-OCT22-OCT Pending $200.00
Plan production release schedule05-AUG05-AUG Closed $100.00
Complete questionnaire01-AUG15-AUG On-Hold $800.00
Select servers for Development, Test, Production17-JUN22-JUN Closed $600.00
HR Support Systems15-JUN25-OCT Closed $500.00
HR software upgrades15-JUN11-OCT On-Hold $7,000.00
Arrange for vacation coverage15-JUN14-AUG On-Hold $7,000.00
Complete plan22-JUN28-JUL Closed $1,500.00
Check software licenses26-JUL27-JUL Closed $200.00
Create training workspace15-JUL22-JUL Closed $700.00
Publish links to self-study courses15-JUL15-JUL Closed $100.00
Identify point solutions required17-JUL19-JUL Closed $300.00
Install in development21-JUL21-JUL Closed $100.00
Identify owners03-JUL06-JUL Closed $300.00
Initial Draft Review07-JUL07-JUL Closed $100.00
Monitor Review Comments07-JUL14-AUG Closed $500.00
Implement bug tracking software29-JUN29-JUN Closed $100.00
Review automated testing tools30-JUN29-JUL Closed $1,500.00
Identify pilot applications24-JUN29-JUN Closed $500.00
Migrate pilot applications to 04-JUL09-JUL Closed $500.00
Customize Software Projects software29-JUL03-SEP Open $1,000.00
Post-migration review15-JUL15-JUL Closed $100.00
User acceptance testing17-JUL18-JUL Closed $200.00
Enter base data (Projects, Milestones, etc.)24-JUL25-JUL Closed $200.00
Load current tasks and enhancements26-JUL30-JUL Closed $500.00
Document quality assurance procedures30-JUL02-SEP On-Hold $4,000.00
Conduct project kickoff meeting19-JUL19-JUL Closed $100.00
Determine host server20-JUL21-JUL Closed $200.00
Check software licenses21-JUL21-JUL Closed $100.00
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Demo: Classic Report

End-user Training11-AUG06-OCT$2,000.00 Open
Identify server requirements15-JUN16-JUN$200.00 Closed
Specify security authentication scheme(s)17-JUN19-JUN$300.00 Closed
Create pilot workspace24-JUN24-JUN$100.00 Closed
Configure Workspace provisioning24-JUN24-JUN$100.00 Closed
Run installation25-JUN25-JUN$100.00 Closed
Obtain equipment specifications17-AUG20-AUG$500.00 Pending
Purchase backup server26-AUG21-SEP$3,000.00 Pending
Identify integration points22-AUG11-SEP$2,000.00 Pending
Decommission machines22-AUG22-AUG$100.00 Pending