Community Resources

These Oracle and community-driven resources are excellent assets for both novice and experienced Oracle APEX developers.

Oracle Sites

Community Sites

These community-based sites, built by the community for the community, continue to grow and help support the Oracle APEX community as a whole.

Note: Oracle does not host or maintain these sites. Any comments or concerns should be reported directly to the site owners.

Note: 3rd Party Plug-ins are not part of Oracle APEX software and are therefore not supported by Oracle Support in any way. Oracle has done no review or vetting of any of the plug-ins available from these third party sites. Any issues with the plug-ins can be discussed on the APEX World Plug-In Slack Channel or on the Oracle APEX Discussion Forum.


    Includes access to the APEX Slack channel, and discussion forum, latest news, recent tweets, and much more.

  • 日日是Oracle APEX

    Over 300 blog posts in Japanese on how to use Oracle APEX everyday.

  • Built with APEX

    Showcases some of the public-facing applications built with Oracle APEX.

  • Translate APEX

    Contains translation for the Oracle APEX development environment and built-in runtime messages used on buttons, error messages, and the like.

  • APEX Blogroll

    A list of APEX Developer blogs.

  • OraOpenSource

    A list of numerous valuable tools for Oracle Database, with many being specifically aimed at Oracle APEX.

  • APEX World Plug-Ins

    Plug-Ins are used to extend core functionality with custom item types, region types, and more.

Community Tools

These community-built tools are designed to enhance development when using Oracle APEX.

Note: These tools are not part of Oracle APEX and are not supported by Oracle Support. Oracle has done no review or vetting of any of the tools available from these third party sites.

  • APEX Office Print (AOP)

    Simply define your Templates in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. and get nice formatted output in all these formats. No programming involved!

  • ApexSec

    Automated security analysis product for reviewing and hardening your Oracle APEX apps.

  • DOXXY 2.0 (Document generation Tool)

    Bring your business data together in a DOCX, PDF or CSV file. Create operational documents such as letters, orders and invoices. Easy as 1-2-3!)

  • Flows for APEX

    Flows for APEX is an open source tool that enables modeling as well as execution of BPMN 2.0 processes in Oracle APEX.

  • FOS Plug-ins

    A set of Open Source APEX plug-ins to boost your productivity and solution capabilities.


    Browser extension to help with Oracle APEX development.

  • XTRA4O (XLIFF translation Tool)

    With the free translation tool XTRA4O you can easily translate all translatable text from your Oracle APEX application. Moreover, you can easily link your own dictionary.