Oracle APEX provides you with all the tools you need to build apps in a single, extensible platform, which runs as a part of Oracle Database. Discover the benefits APEX has to offer and how you can start building superior apps today.

Why Oracle APEX

We could say that we've been cloud since day one, or that we were low-code before it was cool. We could even say that we've been around for over 20+ years, and that you can still run apps built that long ago, today. Explore how APEX helps you eliminate complexity, deliver results faster, and at a lower-cost. See how low code with Oracle APEX compares to alternative approaches to app dev, and learn why choosing APEX makes sense for your next development project.

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Low Code

It isn't just a buzz word. What we used to call declarative programming has been widely adopted by the industry as low code development. Learn how APEX checks all the boxes and resonates with developers as the low code platform of choice. See how you can use APEX to focus on the problem at hand, not on repetitive coding.

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We know what components you need to build exceptional user experiences. It's why we have over 18 years of proven success across a multitude of facets, be it data, user interface, security, accessibility, monitoring, or globalizing. We've already done the hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Learn about all of the features and functionality you get out of the box.

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Oracle APEX uses a simple architecture that provides zero latency data access, top performance, and scalability, out of the box. Learn more about this architecture, how Oracle APEX uses Oracle REST Data Services, and how the Oracle APEX engine renders pages and has zero-latency access to your data.

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Your app is your business. That's why you can choose any deployment strategy that works best for you. While we were cloud from day one, it doesn't mean that we're cloud-only. You can run Oracle APEX across the spectrum of Oracle Database Cloud Services, on your own private cloud or 3rd party cloud, on premises, or even in a VM on your laptop. Wherever Oracle Database runs, so does Oracle APEX.

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Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX deliver an unparalleled combination of superior data management and proven low-code application development.

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APEX + Autonomous

Powered by Oracle

Oracle APEX is a fully supported no-cost feature of Oracle Database. This means that if you have Oracle Database, you already have Oracle APEX! This also means that you have native access to all of the Oracle Database capabilities. Learn what it means to be powered by Oracle and explore all of the features and benefits available to you.

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