Oracle APEX includes an integrated suite of productivity and sample apps that provide point solutions and demonstrate key functionality. These apps are a supported feature of Oracle APEX and are available for you to try, learn, use, and experiment with as you see fit.

Productivity Apps

These apps are fully functional and are intended to serve as stand-alone point-solutions, designed to meet simple requirements that do not require a large and unnecessarily complex solution. You can use these apps "out of the box" for as long as you like, and can even receive updates as we push new releases.

If you'd like to extend the app, make a change, or just want to see how the app was built, simply "unlock" the app to get full development access! Just note that once an app has been unlocked, there is no way to lock it again.


Project Management, Team Productivity, Tracking

P-Track is a fully featured app designed to help you track your projects, milestones and action items to success. You can manage team members, assign roles, add updates, links, attachments, receive email updates, and a whole lot more.

Opportunity Tracker

Tracking, Team Productivity

Opportunity Tracker helps you manage your sales opportunities throughout their lifespan, while giving sales management a quick and easy tool to both see the current state of the sales pipeline and analyze past sales performance.

Data Reporter

Knowledge Management, Tracking, Project Management

Data Reporter provides business users with ad-hoc reporting capabilities on pre-approved data sources without granting developer or write access. Users can easily design their own reports, calendars, dashboards and more using simple wizards.

APEX Application Archive

Software Development

Application Standards Tracker

Tracking, Knowledge Management

Bug Tracking

Software Development, Tracking

Checklist Manager

Tracking, Team Productivity

Competitive Analysis


Customer Tracker

Tracking, Marketing

Decision Manager

Team Productivity, Tracking

Group Calendar

Team Productivity

Incident Tracking

Software Development, IT Management

Live Poll

Marketing, Tracking

Meeting Minutes

Tracking, Team Productivity

Script Planner


Survey Builder

Knowledge Management, Marketing, Tracking

Productivity apps are also fully supported by Oracle, as long as the app remains locked. If you find any issues then you can contact Oracle Support to have a ticket filed.

Sample Apps

These apps are designed to highlight specific functionality and are intended to serve as a developer guide on how to make use of a particular feature. All sample apps are unlocked by default and we encourage you to take a look around to see how they were coded.

Interactive Grids

Sample Application

Explore the features and functionality of the Interactive Grid component and learn how to add the same capabilities to your own app.


Sample Application

Explore the charting capabilities of APEX and how you can enhance your applications to visually represent your data.

Universal Theme

Sample Application

This application serves as the Style Guide for the Universal Theme and contains examples of design patterns, components, reference material and more.

Brookstrut Sample Application

Sample Application

Sample Calendar

Sample Application

Sample Collections

Sample Application

Sample Data Loading

Sample Application

Sample Database Application

Sample Application

Sample Dialog

Sample Application

Sample Dynamic Actions

Sample Application

Sample File Upload and Download

Sample Application

Sample Geolocation Showcase

Sample Application

Sample Master Detail

Sample Application

Sample Projects

Sample Application

Sample REST Services

Sample Application

Sample Reporting

Sample Application

Sample Trees

Sample Application