Apps and Plug-ins

The APEX GitHub repository contains starter apps, sample apps, sample code, and plug-ins that you can try, learn from, use, and experiment with in Oracle APEX!

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Starter Apps

These are functional apps that provide stand-alone point-solutions, designed to meet simple requirements that do not require a large and unnecessarily complex solution. You can use these apps "out of the box" or extend them with your own custom functionality.


Tracking, Marketing


Tracking, Team Productivity


Marketing, Tracking

Team Calendar

Team Productivity

Sample Apps

These apps are designed to highlight specific functionality and are intended to serve as a developer guide on how to make use of a particular feature. We encourage you to take a look under the covers and see what you can learn from them.

Sample Calendar

Sample Application

Sample Charts

Sample Application

Sample Collections

Sample Application

Sample Dynamic Actions

Sample Application

Sample Interactive Grids

Sample Application

Sample Master Detail

Sample Application

Sample Reporting

Sample Application

Sample REST Services

Sample Application

Sample Trees

Sample Application

Universal Theme Sample App

Sample Application


Plug-ins enable you to extend your APEX applications with custom functionality that is not available natively in the platform.

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