APEX + AI = Awesome

Explore how APEX can empower developers to be more productive than ever before by leveraging the power of generative AI and machine learning models across the entire stack.

AI Infrastructure

Oracle APEX running on autonomous infrastructure in Oracle Cloud leverages its unique, native generative AI capabilities tuned specifically on your data. These language models are schema-aware, data-aware, and take into account the shape of information (including domains, annotations, data relationships, and past queries), enabling your apps to take advantage of large language models pre-trained on your unique data.

Interactive Reports in action

AI Powered Apps

Give your users greater insights by leveraging native platform capabilities including vector-based similarity search, content summary, and predictions. You can also incorporate powerful AI features to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations, process natural language prompts and more by integrating directly with the suite of OCI AI services.

For example, you can leverage OCI Vision to interpret visual and text inputs, including image recognition and classification, or use OCI Speech to transcribe and understand spoken language, making both images and audio content accessible and actionable.